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John Crawford Marine


Used Boat Specialists — Online!

Using the internet has become the fast, convenient and reliable way to buy a boat, according to Queensland’s largest used boat dealer, John Crawford Marine.

John Crawford Marine Managing Director, Mr Matthew Hodson, said e-shopping allowed buyers to research stock far beyond their immediate region and was a fast way to draw unbiased comparisons on makes, models and prices.

“Because John Crawford Marine is not aligned with any particular brand of boat or engine, boat buyers can research a good cross-section of the market in determining the best boat suited to their needs. Many boat owners prefer to buy used boats because of the cost saving compared with a new boat and the bonus of extra equipment usually installed by a previous owner.

“Once a likely boat has been located on the internet, a visit to the boat yard should confirm a buyer’s research,” he said.

“It is also essential that the internet description of the vessel be true and accurate, to prevent buyer disappointment on inspection.” John Crawford Marine was established in 1964 and, during more than 40 years, has established a reputation as a highly respected marine trader in Queensland with a loyal customer base.

Mr Hodson said that purchasing the right boat did not need to be an expensive and time consuming process. “Our webpage is updated daily with the arrival of new stock and detailed photo galleries and information is supplied for each boat.

“John Crawford Marine provides a means of eliminating the risk and reducing the time associated with buying a second hand boat privately. Our large range in one display area usually consists of 50 near new boats, all of which have been expertly assessed, with motors mechanically tested, and written reports provided.

“John Crawford Marine has been a member of the Boating Industry Association of Queensland for more than 25 years and provides a Boating Industry Warranty on outboard motors and title is guaranteed with the purchase of any boat.

Mr Hodson said his company strives to make buying a used boat an enjoyable and risk free experience. Check out today, we may save you thousands


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