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Add a little adventure to your next holiday!

Camping is a popular pastime with most Aussies and, with such a rich diversity of breathtaking scenery and contrasting landscapes, there is plenty on offer for camping enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you are a full-on camping buff, a long-haul adventurer or just a weekend trail blaster, nothing beats being able to camp in comfort and style. And nothing beats the convenience and flexibility of a Johnno’s camper trailer to take you places others can only imagine, and do it in comfort all the way.

Johnno’s Camper Trailers Darwin franchisee, Mark Walker, said: “It’s no secret some of Australia’s best locations are the hard-to-get-to and out-of-the-way spots, but with a Johnno’s camper trailer it’s hardly a challenge.

“It doesn’t matter where you take one of our proudly Australian-made camper trailers —  from the bush to the beach to the mountains and back again — they can tackle the worst that Mother Nature throws at them.

“Their off-road flexibility lets you explore some absolute gems of places you couldn’t normally access with a caravan or motor home.”

Johnno’s Camper Trailers is not only one of Australia’s fastest-growing hire-and-sales camper trailer network, but was recently acclaimed one of the Top 3 in the nation’s Camper Trailer of the Year Awards…and with good reason. The company’s incredibly durable range of on- and off-road models boast a high-quality finish, are fully welded and have an extra strong chassis built tough for the extra rough.

“But it’s not just superior manufacturing standards that make Johnno’s camper trailers a great escape. Ease of use is an important part of their appeal too,” Mark said.

“The beauty of our camper trailers is that you get to camp in comfort.  A queen-size bed comes standard, so between that, the kitchen and all the other accessories, you really do have all the comforts of home,” he said. Johnno’s camper trailers are easy to tow, reverse and manoeuvre and, because they’re so compact and well-designed, they’re easy on fuel too. No more struggling with tent ropes and fiddly awnings. You can set-up or pack-up a Johnno’s Camper Trailer in minutes and the amount of space you’ve got for storage and living is guaranteed to delight.

“They compare really favourably with more expensive alternatives like caravans and motor homes and take up a lot less space at home too,” said Mark.

The best way to find out how much fun a Johnno’s Camper Trailer can be is to hire one and experience all its features and benefits firsthand; once you do, Mark vows you’ll be hooked.

Visit Mark Walker at the Johnno’s Camper Trailers, at 153 Coonawarra Road Winnellie Darwin NT to discuss his impressive range of products including fridge/freezers, spare rooms and more.

You can also give Mark a call on 08  8947 3006 or visit the website:


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