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LowranceNET™™ – get caught-up in the onboard electronics web!

LowranceNET™ is the ultimate networking solution for monitoring electronic boat systems and critical onboard functions.

Utilising the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) 2000 networking protocol, the flexibility of LowranceNET™ allows data to be easily shared from one display device to another right throughout the boat.

Lowrance Australia chief Todd Moore said NMEA 2000 (together with LowranceNET™) was one of the greatest advancements in electronic communications the marine industry had ever seen.

“Put simply, an NMEA 2000 network is similar to telephone wiring in a house,” Todd said.

“If you pick up a phone in your living room, you can hear someone talking into the phone in the bedroom.

“A NMEA 2000 network is a way to let more than one GPS unit ‘listen in’ on the GPS antenna’s conversation as to the vessel’s location or speed, or to let more than one unit overhear the messages being sent by a temperature sensor.”

The information that can be shared through this innovative network isn’t limited to just location, speed and temperature. Outboard engines are capable of reporting detailed operational information along the network, and manufacturers are rushing to produce NMEA 2000-ready products to take advantage of the new technology.

“If you’re serious about your marine electronics, then LowranceNET™ is the perfect partner,” Todd said.

“You can literally stick a communications cable (that feeds along the gunwale or under the floor of the boat) into an NMEA 2000-compliant engine, and insert various T-connectors, known as electronic probes (EPs), into it.

“Each one of these EPs represents a different feature, whether it be trim tabs, fuel consumption/efficiency, rpm, oil pressure and other critical functions.

“Consumers can purchase these inexpensive EPs as they want them, simply plug them into the line and watch as the information is displayed on the screen.

“It’s that simple.”

NMEA 2000 is so versatile that radars, displays and other hardware can all be interchanged. The benefit of LowranceNET™ is that all Lowrance hardware is ready-to-go ‘plug and play’ gear.

“The waterproof and corrosion-resistant EPs used in LowranceNET™, together with Lowrance’s market-leading head units, allow for very easy data sharing,” Todd said.

“The EPs can be connected and disconnected as required to provide real-time information anywhere in the boat, be it a trailerable rig or a large sportfisher.

“This opens up myriad opportunities for consumers, but also for an increasing number of boat manufacturers who are opting to incorporate NMEA 2000 networks into the construction of new boats.”

LowranceNET™ has just hit Australian shores. Get caught up in it!


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