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Mustad has introduced a new baitholder hook to its Ultra Point range. The Mustad Fine Worm (ref 32813BL) is a baitholder adaption of the highly respected Mustad Aberdeen hook. The Mustad Fine Worm is a fine gauge, long shank hook with two opposed baitholder barbs at the top of the shank. The characteristic Aberdeen round bend makes baiting easy and gives good point exposure. A special non-reflective matt black finish adds to its credentials for stealth fishing. The Mustad Fine Worm is available in sizes 1/0, 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 and can be used for all light tackle worm bait fishing in both freshwater and saltwater for many species including trout, whiting, bream, mullet and garfish. The Fine Worm has a straight point (i.e. not kirbed or reversed) so it can also be used with soft plastic baits when using unweighted rigs or split shot crimped onto the trace above the hook.


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