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If there’s one product that’s been screaming for a re-design, it’s the assembled wire trace. Many of the existing versions are just too cumbersome, with heavy crimps and oversize swivels and clips. Serious light tackle fishing with these traces is almost out of the question. Mustad’s Steel for Teeth 49-strand looped wire traces offer a better alternative. The super-thin 49-strand stainless wire used in the manufacture is incredibly flexible. The traces have a neat, compact loop at each end, allowing anglers to attach hooks, swivels, rings and clips that suit the occasion. This system allows quick and easy change of attachments. The Steel For Teeth traces are expertly assembled in Mustad’s own terminal tackle assembly plant. The loops are secured by manual whipping over the join with fine wire. The 49-strand wire used for this product is extremely supple, allowing excellent natural movement for lures and baits. In many situations, Mustad Steel for Teeth looped traces will be an attractive alternative to heavy monofilament traces. Available lengths/breaking strains: 2 loops, 49 strand (ref: 77366): 40cm length – 4, 6, 9 and 12 kg 2 loops, 49 strand (ref: 77366): 80cm length – 4,6,9 and 12 kg 2 loops,  with Black Crane swivel size 1 (ref:77358): 40cm length – 7, 10 and 12kg


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