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The myCOOLMAN PowerPack allows you to truly go off the grid and remote. It is portable and works with any of myCOOLMAN CCP range of fridge-freezers. It mounts magnetically to the casing of the fridge and gives users a good power supply (depending on size of fridge and external factors). It’s a great fit for the 44L The Weekender.

YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE.....Planning your next escape? The myCOOLMAN CCP 44L fridge/freezer, The Weekender, is a perfect take along on weekends of fun and adventure.

This robust fridge showcases the patented Blue-Gen compressor, which operates on 12/24V and 240V and has DC input at both ends to make it easy to plug into your car. It also includes Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a multi-level compartment with removable storage baskets and head room for taller items.

With other features including 3-level battery protection and digital display with Turbo mode for faster cool down, this fridge can be used every day whilst being small enough to allow easy storage when not in use.


• Litre Capacity: 44 L.

• Can Capacity: 65 (375ml).

• Temperature Range of -22 C to +10 C.

• Patented Blue-Gen Compressor.

• Dual 12/24V DC sockets & Single 100-240V AC socket (AC auto-changeover).

• 2-way opening lid for easy changeover without tools.

• Flush and folding metal handles with integrated bottle openers.

• LED interior light.

• Divided storage options with removable baskets.

• Digital display with turbo and override functions.

• Bluetooth app operation with battery protection, temperature adjustment and diagnostics.

• 5V USB port to charge your phone on the go.

• 3-level vehicle battery protection (high, medium and low).


The magnetic myCOOLMAN Lithium PowerPack frees you of the need to be tethered to your vehicle or a heavy and cumbersome power source.

Revolutionising the portable fridge/freezer industry, the myCOOLMAN PowerPack is a portable and lightweight power source in a sleek body that seamlessly attaches to the side of your myCOOLMAN fridge.

Unplug your next adventure with the perfect accessory for your myCOOLMAN fridge, whether at a BBQ, beach or backyard cricket game. Fishing with mates or camping off the beaten track? No worries, myCOOLMAN can power your next adventure wherever it may be.


• Magnetically mounted — Mounts to the middle of your myCOOLMAN

• LED Display — Easily see the battery levels

• Lithium battery power — Recharges more times than other battery types

• Sleek body — Low profile, lightweight and portable

• Run time with 44L — 14 hours based on ambient temperature 25˚C & Fridge set to 4˚C.

PowerPack run times based on myCOOLMAN fridge temperature reaching and running at 4˚C with 10 bottles of 550ml ambient inside the fridge. With dual zone models, place 10 bottles in each compartment — total of 20 bottles).


Physical Details Specs

PowerPack Dimensions (mm) L 330 x W 140 x H 36.5

Weight (kg) 1.65

LED Battery Capacity Indicator Yes

Technical Details

Battery Type Lithium-Ion

Charging Power 50w

Charging time 0-100% 5-6 Hours

Charging method 240v AC - Not DC compatible

Capacity 15Ah

Input 16.8v /3A

Battery Output Voltage 14.4v

Battery Output Current 8A

Safety Guards

- Short-Circuiting Protection

- Over Current Protection

- Over Charging Protection

- Over-Discharge Protection

- Over Heat Protection

Warranty 1 year


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