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Tonic Polarised Eyewear has a Neon lens specially formulated for bright, reflection-free vision in low-light conditions.

Launched in time for winter – and at the end of daylight saving in several states – Neon is the ideal “winter lens”, available in Tonic’s popular Rush and Shimmer styles.

Neon has been developed by Tonic founder Doug Phillips for sight fishing in shadows, fog and cloud, and for dawn and dusk fishing of all types. They are designed to give fishermen a clear view of the fish when the ambient light is limited but there’s still glare to be cut through

It shares its high-tech optics with all of Tonic’s growing range of lightweight polarised optical glass lenses, and has a light copper colour made of four colour filter layers.

Tonic’s Neon lens come in Rush and Shimmer styles which reportedly light up what people look at and yet the coatings assist in reducing glare and increasing colour separation.

The Japanese optics provide a de-centred VistaView lens which gives distortion-free viewing at any angle, and our scratch resistant UltraOptic lenses are just 1.8 mm thick, which makes them 30% lighter.

Tonic Polarised Eyewear comes in eight wraparound styles, including Evo and Rush with ClikStrap removable safety strap.


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