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Home comforts are now made easier when travelling in remote areas with the introduction of the Dometic SinePower MSI 1812T, a powerful inverter perfect for RV and 4WD owners away from mains power for long periods of time. The MSI 1812T can be hooked up to any 12V power source and will convert battery power into pure 230V AC voltage, like that of a home power socket. The MSI 1812T is reliable for even highly-sensitive appliances, including computers, microwave ovens, and DVD players. Featuring an integrated mains priority circuit, the MSI 1812T is able to automatically transfer output power from the grid to battery and vice versa. In addition to this, the MSI 1812T will automatically switch the inverter off as soon as the vehicle has access to an external main supply, saving precious battery power. The lightweight and compact construction of the MSI 1812T allows for easy installation in RVs, 4WDs, mobile homes, commercial vehicles or yachts. The MSI 1812T can be easily controlled by the MCR-7 or MCR-9, which can switch the inverter on or off, put it in sleep mode, communicate the battery voltage in volts and display the output power received by an appliance as a percentage.


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