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PA: New Products From Jarvis Walker


Quantum has updated its Smoke baitcast reels with the launch of the PT-A series

The new Quantam Smoke PT-A series features the new PTX frame which was designed to add rigidity while reducing overall weight. The Micro Infinite ACS external centrifugal cast control adds 13 new settings with a 250-degree rotation for an even wider range of precise adjustment controls. The new PT-A has a zero-friction pinion design that disengages completely when casting, allowing the spool shaft to float freely, adding even more distance to your casts. The Smoke PT-A design also includes Quantum’s improved CSC2 drag, an advanced system that uses a stack of carbon fibre, stainless steel and ceramic washers to deliver up to an impressive 25lb (11.3kg) of silky-smooth drag power. Internally, there are eight PT bearings and one anti-reverse bearing. The worm gear is ceramic and combines with a zirconia pawl for added durability. Other features include: an aluminium spool that holds 170yd (155m) of 30lb braid, aluminium PT main gear and drive shaft, aluminium handle, titanium-nitride-coated line guide, an aluminium frame and gear side cover, which removes quickly for simple maintenance. There is also an oil port for lubrication. Smoke PT-A baitcaster reels offer the choice of either a 6.1:1 or 7.3:1 gear ratio, with the latter also available in a left-hand-wind version. This new PT-A platform builds on its Smoke predecessor’s reputation for excellent casting distance and drag performance – with impressive improvements in those key areas – while also squeezing more strength into the package, too. More information:

The Quantam Smoke PT-A baitcast reel comes in two different gear rations: 6:1 and 8:1. WFT GLISS KG LINE With the slickness of mono, thinner diameters and better strength than braid, plus better casting performance than both, GLISS KG line is surely worth checking out. Japanese raw materials combine with German precision in the revolutionary new GLISS KG fishing line which might be best described as a mono-braid hybrid. GLISS KG is being described by anglers around the world as “the best casting distance line I’ve ever used”. GLISS KG line from German tackle company WFT has the slickness of mono, thinner diameters and better strength than braid, plus better casting performance than both. You might never fish with traditional braid or mono again. GLISS KG is a third-generation line that, like top quality braids, is made from 100 percent Japanese PE fibres. However, where GLISS KG differs is that it is not braided, it is instead extruded into an almost perfectly round shape and uses different material treatments and coating processes developed to combine the best traits of mono and braid into one ultra-performing line. The slick, smooth outer coating of GLISS KG resembles monofilament but because the PE fibres are compressed much more during GLISS KG production than in braid manufacturing, it achieves a thinner diameter line with a much higher breaking strain at the same denier rating. GLISS KG also retains its round shape much better than braid, an attribute which will certainly improve your casting distance. It is interesting to note that each GLISS KG diameter line is designed specifically for that line class, rather than just adding more fibres, as is the case with braid. The GLISS KG coating designs are also specific to each line class, making a total of five different processes used to create each line. This computer-optimised production process ensures that you can rely on the accuracy of the technical specifications, which is important for small-diameter lines. For example, you can rely on the fact that every spool of the 4kg GLISS KG line has a diameter of precisely 0.10mm. GLISS KG has less stretch at around 2 percent than any braided PE line, yet it retains the braid-like flexibility with no memory, has extremely low diameter-to-line-class ratios and provides excellent sensitivity. Other GLISS KG attributes include a very high-dimensional stability and low water absorption, so it will pack neatly onto your spool, producing a perfect winding contour after each cast. This combines with the smooth coating, line flexibility and thin diameter to deliver enhanced casting distances, which actually improves even further when wet. Other advantages include exceptional UV resistance, extreme tensile strength, impressive abrasion resistance and a highly colourfast finish. Like with braid, it is advised you use good knots, and then simply enjoy casting further and catching more fish with WFT’s GLISS KG line. For more information, visit the Australian distributor’s website:

Each GLISS KG diameter line is designed specifically for that line class, rather than just adding more fibres, as is the case with braid. FIN-NOR BAIT TEASER SPIN REEL Available in two useful sizes, the Fin-Nor Bait Teaser is a quality spin reel with a built-in free-spool function. The Fin-Nor brand is renowned for its saltwater-bred toughness and durability and has now recently released its new Bait Teaser Spin Reel which inherits these big-fish credentials. The new design offers strength for fighting angry saltwater fish, plus the subtle finesse of the Bait Teaser system that allows you to precisely control the free-spool movement of your bait with minimal resistance so your target fish can mouth the bait and run without suspicion. When ready to strike, simply crank the handle to disengage the Bait Teaser function and set the hook. From there, the sealed oversize carbon-fibre MegaDrag system takes over, backed up by Fin-Nor’s MegaLock infinite anti-reverse. Two sizes are available: the BT60 which holds approximately 240m of 15lb mono (260m of 30lb braid) and the BT80 which accommodates 230m of 20lb mono (420m of 30lb braid). The construction of both models includes a rigid graphite body and rotor, plus aluminium side cover and gear support, which all combine to minimise weight while delivering strength where needed. The Fin-Nor Bait Teaser internal design includes four shielded-stainless steel bearings plus one anti-reverse bearing and a versatile 4.9:1 gear ratio. All aspects of the design combine to deliver the construction strength, drag power and fine Bait Teaser control for landing quality fish such as snapper, kingfish, tuna, barramundi and other saltwater predators.

More information:

Bryre Roots converted the Fin-Nor Bait Teaser BT80 to left-hand wind, and gave more than she received during a hot reef fishing session.

The Fin-Nor Bait Teaser’s construction includes a rigid graphite body and rotor, plus aluminium side cover and gear support. This one’s loaded with Rover Depth Finder braid.


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