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Nothing rides quite like it

The Polaris All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) range just keeps getting better and better. Since the launch of the Sportsman nameplate in 1996, each new Polaris Sportsman has set new industry benchmarks for ride quality. The Sportsman XP has done that again. With a 4-stroke, electronic fuel-injected engine, and choice of a 550cc or 850cc, the Sportsman XP has been engineered for extreme off-road performance.

Polaris took the engineering know-how of an entire category and turned it upside down; well, technically, sideways, by rotating the engine 90 degrees. This gives the rider superior ergonomics with 33% wider floorboards and a narrower space at the knees and ankles. Besides delivering a sporty, nimble feel, the positioning reduces leg fatigue and increases rider comfort.

Polaris claims it offers the best Electronic Power Steering (EPS) on the market. Why? It has 30% more power assist than the leading competitor, plus Variable Assist for easier steering effort at lower speeds and more responsiveness at higher speeds. Once you’ve ridden an ATV with EPS, you won’t go back. EPS delivers a safer and more enjoyable ride, as it minimises the distraction of bumps, letting you focus more on the terrain ahead. Plus the 2011 styling means you get a 16% larger fuel tank capacity on XP EPS models. EPS is optional on XP550.

Sportsman XP has the biggest rack capacity at 55kg in the front and 110 kg in the rear. And there’s no doubt the XP has more than enough power to haul trailers and sprayers with a 680kg pulling and towing capacity. The Sportsman was the world’s first ATV with Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). Another leading innovation is the Rolled IRS with 26cm of travel, which is angled rearward for that legendary Polaris smooth ride and less rear-end squat during acceleration. A common problem for ATV riders is fatigue. Longer Dual A-Arm front suspension with 22.9cm of travel and preload adjustability dramatically decreases kickback, reducing rider fatigue. Therefore, you can get more done throughout the day.

Call your local Polaris dealer on 1300 654 142 to arrange a free demo ride today. MORE POLARIS FEATURES •    On-Demand True All Wheel Drive (AWD) •    30.5cm ground clearance •    Automatic Polaris Variable Transmission •    Active Descent Control (ADC) and Engine Braking System (EBS) •    Lock & Ride Front and Rear Racks •    5-layer metallic automotive-style finish •    Roller-driven clutch for faster clutch response


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