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PRODUCT AWARENESS: ARB Deluxe Steel Roof Racks

ARB roof racks are the ideal way to increase your vehicle’s ability to carry large or irregular-sized luggage.

ARB’s range of roof racks is built to support the full-rated load capacity of a vehicle, with the mounting system and structural integrity of the rack being designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. ARB’s racks are available in a variety of lengths and widths for vehicles with or without gutters, so you can choose the appropriate size to suit your requirements. Both steel and aluminium roof racks are available from ARB, and along with fitting a roof rack to your vehicle, you can also select from a number of optional extras to tailor it more specifically to your load-carrying needs.

Spotlight On ARB’s Deluxe Steel Roof Racks Manufactured from strong, tubular steel, these roof racks, available for a variety of 4WD wagons, are designed for the toughest conditions.

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