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Pure Fishing Australia distribute a wide range of iconic brands in the recreational fishing tackle industry, including ABU Garcia, Pflueger, Berkley, Owner, Stren and Shakespeare. Recently it added another big brand name PENN. The PENN fishing tackle company was founded in 1932, and it continues a tradition of building high quality fishing tackle for anglers world-wide, today.

Two new reels that feature in PENN’s line up, and ready to hit the shelves of tackle stores soon, are the new Conflict threadline, and the Squall 2 Speed Lever Drag light game reel.

PENN’S NEW CONFLICT SPINNING REEL Designed for the technical inshore angler who is looking for top-line performance, PENN’s new Conflict reel is a light weight, smooth casting reel capable of applying high drag pressures to quell inshore game fish. With a stealthy, low key cosmetic black on black finish and smoky gray markings, the Conflict may look quiet, but one cast and it demonstrates the best of PENN craftsmanship and engineering. The new Conflict features a full metal body, machine-cut marine grade bronze main gear, and hardened stainless steel pinion gear. The 2500- 4000 models use a high strength graphite rotor, while the 5000-8000 models feature an aluminium rotor. The rotor designs are Techno-Balanced for a long lasting smooth retrieve. Internally, each Conflict reel has seven sealed stainless steel ball bearings, and an infinite anti reverse bearing. The HT-100™ Versa-Drag™, carbon fibre drag washers allow for a wide range of drag settings applicable to various fishing conditions. PENN proprietary grease is applied to the drag washers to ensure longevity. The heavy-duty aluminium bail wire resists bending, dents and nicks that may potentially happen when fishing for large saltwater gamefish. The braid ready Superline Spool™ is engraved with line capacity rings, giving the angler instant awareness of the amount of line remaining on the spool while fighting fast running fish. Available in six sizes. Line capacity shown in yards/pound line.

CFT 2500      Mono : 255/6     Braid : 240/10         Gear ratio 6.2:1     Weight 270g CFT 3000      Mono : 200/8     Braid : 250/15         Gear ratio 6.2:1     Weight 325g CFT 4000      Mono : 270/8     Braid : 360/15         Gear ratio 6.2:1    Weight 340g CFT 5000      Mono : 225/12   Braid : 420/20         Gear ratio 5.6:1     Weight 535g CFT 6000      Mono : 335/15   Braid : 490/30         Gear ratio 5.6:1     Weight 605g CFT 8000      Mono : 340/20   Braid : 475/50         Gear ratio 5.6:1    Weight 815g RRP from $219

PENN SQUALL LEVER DRAG 2 SPEED The PENN Squall LD 2 speed features PENN’s Quick-Shift™ 2-speed system a great fish fighting feature. The lightweight graphite frame and side-plates house tough, machined stainless steel main and pinion gears that are ported for weight reduction. Four shielded stainless steel ball bearings deliver smooth cranking power and the Dura Drag system eliminates hesitation and surging under extreme drag settings. The spool is forged and machined from aluminium, and includes Line Capacity Rings to keep the angler aware on how much line remains on the spool. The double dog ratchet anti reverse eliminates back-play in the handle and is twice as strong as a typical single dog system. Offered in three sizes - 16, 30 wide and 50 wide. Line capacity shown in yards/pound line.

SQL16VS  Mono: 1090/15 • 725/20 • 540/30; Braid: 1490/30 • 1040/50 • 865/65; Gear Ratios: 4.5:1/2.1:1  SQL30VSW  Mono : 1395/20 • 1035/30 • 595/50 Braid: 1995/50 • 1660/65 • 1435/80; Gear Ratios:  4.2:1/1.8:1  SQL50VSW Mono: 1550/30 • 890/50 • 565/80 Braid: 2485/65 • 2145/80 • 1835/100 Gear Ratios: 2.9:1/1.5:1  RRP from $399

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