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PRODUCT AWARENESS: Motorguide Xi5 With Pinpoint GPS

The new MotorGuide Xi5 is a stealthy quiet and silky smooth electric outboard with a list of features that will ensure true durability. Best of all, it has the brilliant new Pinpoint GPS technology. The Xi5 has MotorGuide’s Pinpoint GPS technology as standard or as an easy upgrade. Pinpoint uses an ultra-precise GPS receiver and precision control algorithms for incredibly accurate performance through a compact, easy-to-use remote control. The features you get with Pinpoint GPS include:

ANCHOR When at the desired fishing spot, you can lock in the GPS co-ordinate and remain “anchored” within a few feet, even in wind and current. The GPS function “locks in” surprisingly quickly, and there is minimal “stray”. Plus you can save up to 8 anchor spots for later use!

JOG While in Anchor mode, you can use the Jog feature to shift your position 1.5m in any direction, and you can “jog” as often as you want. This is a fantastic feature for anglers wanting to work a spot from various different directions.

HEADING LOCK Choose a heading and Pinpoint GPS will keep you on a straight-line course until Heading Lock is released.

ROUTE RECORD/PLAYBACK Record and store 8 routes up to 6.4km each. Return to and replay a stored route from anywhere.

CRUISE CONTROL While under way, using Heading Lock or Route Playback, Cruise Control will maintain a constant boat speed. It even makes adjustments for wind and current.

INTERFACE WITH LOWRANCE GEN2 AND GEN2 TOUCH ELECTRONICS MotorGuide and Lowrance have enhanced Xi5 performance with Pinpointconnect, a seamless interface between Pinpoint GPS-enabled Xi5 motors and Lowrance Gen2 and Gen2 Touch electronics. Other great features of the Xi5 include: wireless capability right out of the box; digital variable speed control enables exceptional low-speed trolling capability and longer run time; cooler-running, more-efficient electronics (by capturing and storing energy that is typically lost as heat, the Xi5’s batteries have longer run times and require fewer charges); LED lights in the controller allows quick checking of four key functions in any light conditions; incredibly quiet mainly due to extra-rigid shaft support and low-vibration steering; and the Xi5’s new composite shaft can take on any obstruction which gets in its way – It’ll bend, but it won’t break, which is why it’s backed with a lifetime warranty.

The Xi5 Wireless Electric Steer Bow Mount Saltwater is available in 12V 55lb thrust, 24V 80lb thrust and 36V 105lb thrust. The Saltwater Xi5 comes standard with the hand-held remote; the Freshwater Xi5 comes standard with the wireless pro-style foot pedal.

Video of the Mercury MotorGuide Xi5 with Pinpoint GPS


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