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PRODUCT AWARENESS: Never, Never Say Never... To A Million Dollar Barra

Can you afford to say NO to an opportunity to win one million dollars? That’s part of a $1.7m prize pool being offered to attract anglers to the Northern Territory.

Adventure is what the Northern Territory is all about – not just the fishing, but the flora and fauna in a raw environment where anything that swims, walks or flies – including anglers – is a potential meal.

Now there is added incentive to go to the Territory: 76 tagged barra worth from $10,000 to one million dollars each are about to be released. NT Tourism is behind Australia’s richest-ever fishing competition that will run from October 1, 2015 through to February 29, 2016.

All prizes are cash, and Australian dollars.

The campaign to promote the NT in the build-up and wet season is headed by Australian cricket great, Matthew Hayden, who explained: “The aim of the Million Dollar Fish campaign is to encourage everyone to ‘Do the NT’ and go fishing — no matter how experienced.

“The beauty of this campaign is that you don’t necessarily have to be an experienced angler to catch yourself one million dollars. All you have to do is be in the Top End with a line in the water, and the big one could be yours,” Matthew said.

“The competition kicks off in October, which is prime time for barra fishing as this is during the Build-up season. As the breeding season kicks off, saltwater estuaries and lower tidal rivers explode with barra.

Barramundi fishing is a passion for Matthew: “Besides spending a day out with good mates, among some of the world’s pristine wilderness and wildlife regions, the thrill and challenge of pulling in a big barra is one of the best fishing experiences to be had – not to mention fantastic bragging rights with your mates.”

Mathew suggests anglers new to the scene should hire a professional fishing guide or operation to take you out.

“It’s a no brainer to engage a local fisho to take you out because not only can they provide all the equipment, but they hold all of the local knowledge of where the best places to fish are,” he explained.

Matthew has his own tips for those who want to do their own thing: “During the build-up, I recommend hitting inland waterways and billabongs for freshwater barra as they warm up, and also places like Darwin Harbour mangrove estuaries which can be barra hotspots during the wet season.

“As a passionate cook and fisherman, I’m honoured to be a Mate of the Territory, which allows me to experience all the NT has to offer. After travelling the world with cricket, there’s nothing like coming back to the Top End and being immersed in nature and the big sky that sits over the Australian Outback,” he said.

Matthew said it was nice to be a part of a campaign which rewards anglers and will go a long way to shining the spotlight on the Northern Territory as an unrivalled fishing destination with world-class fishing options.

“And it’s not just about the barra; the Top End is also home to a range of other great sport and reef fish, including threadfin salmon, queenies, mackerel, golden snapper and coral trout,” Matthew said.


         75 barramundi will be tagged and released with “CrownBet $10,000 cash prize Tags” across 20 popular fishing operator locations in the Top End.

         A $1m barramundi prize tag will also be released within one of the 20 locations.

         The locations where you could “Stay, Play and Fish to Win” will be released on a Tourism NT website (; however, no detail of the quantity of tagged fish in each location or the location of the $1m fish will be provided.

         Participants can redeem as many fish as caught within the terms and conditions of the competition, giving the opportunity to up to $1.7m

         Participants are required to register online at where the database of entrants will be shared with the promotional partners and Tourism NT.

         Registrants on the website will also be given the opportunity to win a trip for four to the NT sponsored by BCF, Lion Nathan (XXXX Gold), Territory Discoveries and Qantas to “Stay, Play & Fish” for the $1m Fish.

         Participants will also be given the opportunity to play for “Instant win prizes” as part of an online fishing game being developed by partner CrownBet.

         The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 who registers their details on and complies with the terms and conditions.

         If a person under the age of 18 finds a prize tag, they are able to claim the prize through their legal guardian so long as the guardian has registered and the fish has been caught in accordance with the terms and conditions.

         International anglers must comply with Australian laws for receiving prizes.

To find out how you could win $1 million, go to for more information about registrations and full terms and conditions. You’ll also go in the draw for a chance to win a trip worth $20,000 for you and three mates to visit the NT.


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