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Take fishing to the MAX with the new MaxRap

Conditions are never climate controlled when you’re out there after fish. Wind, spray and the bobbing platform of a boat can all contribute to falling short when you try to make that long cast. It’s about covering water...but covering water with the wounded minnow performance of a Rapala...that’s what it’s all about.

Shallow flats can extend for kilometres. And when you’re standing onshore, or up to your armpits wearing waders, casting distance is the difference between success and failure.

Every once in a while, a truly sensational lure emerges from the pack, setting a new standard for exceptional performance and fish-catching result — meet the all new MaxRap 13 from Rapala. Tip to tail everything about the MaxRap is premium.

This short-lipped, thin-bodied minnow is designed to swim at 30-60cm below the surface and, with its slightly-arched back, swims and rolls like a real-life baitfish.

The MaxRap 13 slowly rises in saltwater when paused; in freshwater, it suspends, giving off an irresistible fish-catching vibe.

As good as it looks and fishes, it’s the way it casts that makes it a stand-out. The MaxRap launches like a rocket, even into the strongest winds fishable. The MaxRap is all about maximum casting distance and maximum performance. With its patented internal MaxCast mechanism for maximum long casts, the MaxRap easily outcasts any other lure of its type. The MaxRap features:

• an aerodynamic shape which is balanced with tungsten balls for maximum casting accuracy;

• internal laser-engraved scales for maximum realism;

• non-corrosive Spark Point VMC hooks for maximum sharpness and penetration; and

• an oval line tie plus individual hand-tuning and tank-testing for maximum swimming action.

As it swims, the MaxRap 13 literally turns on its side, creating an extreme flashback from all angles, and is thus able to attract fish from all directions. Run it slow and steady or fast and erratic; it makes no difference as this lure will perform at most speeds.

This new go-to lure comes in eight natural baitfish colour-attractor patterns and its ultra-shallow swimming range is perfect for fishing across tough structure, over shallow flats and above grass beds.

Take no prisoners — take fishing to the MAX with the new MaxRap from Rapala.


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