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Whether you need to transport temperature-sensitive medications, ice an injury or just keep your welldeserved beer ice cold while on holiday or hanging out with friends, Techni Ice Reusable Dry Ice Packs are just what you need. Techni Ice re-usable dry ice packs are the company’s founding product, and have been improved on over 20 years to become the world’s best dry ice pack. Designed to be re-used indefinitely, these ice packs are as versatile as you need them to be. They can be cut down to individual cells for small items used in bulk for an icy storage option while camping. Techni Ice ice packs are used by major airlines and government departments, and food service providers to transport their goods. Amazingly, these ice packs can be used as a heat pack as well. So if you are feeling stiff from work or sports and require a little heat to get you moving you can use these ingenious sheets as an aid to muscle mobility.


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