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The innovative and highly successful Platypus Lo-Stretch range now features new ultra high visibility Fluoro Orange and larger bulk spools of 1200 metre length. Platypus Lo-Stretch a monofilament that has such low stretch it thinks it’s a braid. The advantage of braid is the incredible sensitivity you get from near zero stretch; Platypus Lo-Stretch has the lowest stretch possible from a monofilament, achieved by capitalising on new raw material blends and state of the art manufacturing processes. Much has been written about the advantages of braid; and most of it is true, but we often forget that monofilament has its place in fishing as well. Some points to consider: Some stretch is good, braid has almost no stretch which makes the line incredibly sensitive, but can result in pulled hooks and lost fish. Platypus lo-Stretch, gives you the best of both worlds enough stretch to allow a slight shock absorbing quality with minimum stretch for maximum sensitivity. Platypus Lo-Stretch is more cost effective than braid. Platypus Lo-Stretch is available in IGFA rated 3 kg – 24 kg in 300, 500 or 1200 metres in your choice of Pink, Blue or high visibility orange. Australian Monofil


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