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Time to get RID of those annoying insect bites!

RID repellent is 100% Australian made and owned, is medicated with First Aid Antiseptic and contains an extra fly repellent…all you need in the one bottle.

Everyone knows you need a good insect repellent when you’re in the Great Australian Outdoors. But not everyone knows that DEET (in use since the 1940s) is still the best insect repellent known to man, and the number one recommendation by World Health and Government authorities. More importantly, according to the makers of Rid, not everyone knows that the effectiveness of DEET peaks around 20-25%...meaning that products containing more than 25% DEET are completely unnecessary.

RID was invented in 1956 in the tropical paddocks outside Brisbane, Queensland and was the first insect repellent in Australia. It is now celebrating 55 years! Because RID is 100% Australian, it understands the needs of our campers, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

RID’s heavy-duty range, RID Tropical Strength, contains 19.5% DEET, along with an additional fly repellent synergist which multiplies its strength. Independent laboratory tests have proved that it lasts for +6 hours in the toughest tropical conditions.

The success of RID lies within the formula. Product research and innovation have led to RID repellents being highly effective against a large range of insects, in a skin-friendly formula with soothing anti-inflammatory Chamomile and moisturising Vit E. RID will protect you from all kinds of insects: mosquitoes, flies, tsetse flies, fleas, sandflies, midges, ticks, ants, lice, and leeches. It will also help protect you from serious mosquito-borne diseases like Ross River, Dengue Fever, and Malaria if you travel.

Furthermore, all of RID’s repellents are First-Aid Medicated. If you’ve been bitten or stung, don’t run inside; just apply RID for soothing relief. RID relieves and heals bites, stings, welts and prevents minor infections.

We take pride in achieving 55 years of being Australia’s only premium medicated insect repellent. RID has five repellent ranges for all of your needs:

RID Tropical range: 6 hours of strong-lasting protection in a tough environment.

RID Medicated: 4 hours protection with soothing chamomile and moisturising vitamin E.

RID Low Irritant: 3 hours for the whole family, sensitive skins and allergy prone.

KIDS RID: especially formulated for children as young as 12 months.

RID 30+ Sunblock with repellent: triple protection from Burns, Bites & Dry Skin (contains moisturising Vitamin E).

So remember, no matter where you are or where you go, don’t forget your RID…you’ll be so glad you didn’t!

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