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GMDAS (Global Maritime Data and Airtime Services) is a “one-stop” destination for all satellite communications requirements in the Australasia region. Their product range includes technology from Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT.

For personal safety out on the water, an Inmarsat Isatphone 2 provides the assurance of 24 hour communication anywhere, with fast network registration in under 45 seconds. Includes tracking and assistance buttons, keep others updated of your GPS coordinates when it matters. The handset itself is robust, IP65, with scratch-proof display, and reliable operation in both low and high temperature extremes. Value out of the box, users can expect the Isatphone 2, battery, charger units, wired handsfree headset, wrist strap, support USB memory drive, holster, quick start guide and warranty.

To complement the Isatphone 2, GMDAS has a selection of Beam docking stations to suit the user's requirements. Available in four configurations, these Inmarsat approved docks were designed with convenience in mind. Keeping the satphone ready to go at any time, features include bluetooth support, speakerphone, and tracking functionality while docked. The marine specific configuration allows full use of the phone whilst enclosing the unit completely in a protective housing.


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