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By Steve Cooper

A multi-million dollar investment in design and marketing is giving added vigour to Australia’s oldest boat brand: Savage.

The new Savage range of aluminium boats features seven new models, which the company says is aimed at recapturing market share for the once dominant brand.

Based in Victoria for more than a century, Savage was bought by Queensland-based Telwater in 2008 from Mercury Marine, and relocated to Telwater’s Coomera manufacturing facility.

Savage sales and marketing director, Damien Duncan, said that the new Savage boats were developed as a separate entity. “For 116 years, the Savage name has been held in esteem by Australian boaters,” Damien said. “The company has a reputation for designing and building practical boats that last for generations of boating enjoyment.” Little did John Savage envisage that more than a century after constructing his first boat, the Savage brand would still be a significant part of Australian boating.

‘Savage boats have influenced, inspired, and been a template for many in the Australian marine industry.’

“Savage boats have influenced, inspired, and been a template for many in the Australian marine industry,” Damien explained.

“At the Telwater factory, Savage boats are being produced with greater quality controls, and in larger quantities, to meet the demands of the market and an expanding dealer network.

“Our dealers told us we need a bigger range of boats to be more competitive, and we added a cabin boat due to dealer requests.”

The company made a bold move in redesigning the hulls, even though it would have been easy to re-use existing hulls. Called “Ultra Lift,” the hulls offer a smooth ride similar to that experienced in heavier plate or fibreglass vessels.

“Three Scorpions and the 575 Bluewater are new hulls, and the 435 and 455 models are available in different configurations including tiller steer.

“The great thing about the new Scorpion range is we’ve packed them full of more standard features like extra rod holders, live bait tank, and an extra transducer bracket — all at a competitive price,” Duncan said.

SAVAGE BOAT RANGE Here is a run down on the new range, including prices as standard excluding extras:

455 SCORPION Savage’s new release, the 455 Scorpion TS, is a brand new, feature-packed fishing rig perfect for dams, creeks and rivers. The 455 Scorpion is available as a centre or side console, and tiller steer.

Built with tough 3mm smooth side sheets and a soft riding, reliable hull, the 455 Scorpion is packed with fishing essentials aimed at getting the angler on the water without fuss. The boat comes with a front and rear casting platform, live bait tank, battery tray and plenty of storage.

Duncan said the Scorpion range replaces the previous Piranha model line-up. The inclusion of a tiller steer option was based on customer demand.

“The 435 and 455 Scorpion are the first models in this range of boats that have been available as a tiller steer, and we are expecting it to be popular,” Duncan said.

Added options for the 455 Scorpion include rod storage locker, Bimini and envelope, 70L fuel tank, and extra storage bins.

Package:  Savage trailer Powered by 50HP tiller E-TEC Incl. Registration, safety gear. $20,641

485 SCORPION The 485 Scorpion is hot off the production line, and is available as side or centre console with many options aimed to suit anglers’ needs.

This boat features new 3mm smooth-look side sheets and comes fitted out with a rear casting platform, live bait tank, battery tray, 77L fuel tank and storage options that include large side pockets and storage bins in the front casting platform. The 485 Scorpion is a practical fishing boat, offering a smooth, stable ride and room to move about.

The 485 Scorpion is available to be optioned up with a Bimini and envelope, and rod storage locker.

Package:  Savage trailer Powered by 75HP ETEC Incl. Registration, safety gear. $26,357

485 SCORPION PRO The marketing people at Savage believe the 485 Scorpion Pro will be a top seller.

Available as a side and centre console, and built with 3mm smooth side sheets, the 485 Scorpion Pro is built to be versatile and tough. The boat comes packed with all the fishing essentials including front and rear casting platforms complete with a live bait tank, battery tray and plenty of storage.

With an easy-access pod transom, four rod holders and a 77L fuel tank as standard, the 485 Scorpion Pro offers an impressive and practical fishing layout.

Duncan said an important feature retained in the Scorpion Pro was the podded transom: “The transom makes boarding the boat easier. It was a popular feature in the past with customers who like swimming, diving and even spear fishing.”

Available options for the 485 Scorpion Pro include Bimini and envelope, rod storage locker, bow mount thruster plate, and rear ladder.

Package: Savage trailer Powered by 75HP ETEC Incl. Registration, safety gear. $28,024

435 BAY CRUISER Savage’s 435 Bay Cruiser is a budget friendly family runabout, featuring a modern look including smooth-plate look, 3mm side sheets. It was designed with the family in mind, and can carry five passengers.

Painted hull is standard, as are rod holders, rear-folding lounge, large side pockets, anchor well, and transom step and rail. Built with the Ultra Lift hull, an extended reverse chine ensures it is stable at rest. The chine configuration promotes lift when accelerating onto the plane, boosting fuel efficiency.

Duncan said with the refreshed new side sheets, the Bay Cruiser continued is a favourite in the Savage range.

“The new look Bay Cruisers are adaptable: they can be used to tow a tube or go fishing with your mates, and the new side sheets have created a new modern look for the range.”

For the buyer wanting to personalise the runabout, options include CD stereo with speakers, rod holders, ski hooks, sounder and two-tone paint.

Package: Savage trailer Powered by 50HP ETEC Incl. Registration, safety gear. $20,149

545 BAY CRUISER  The 545 Bay Cruiser was added to the Savage range due to customer demand.

Built with 4mm bottom sheets, 3mm smooth side sheets, and measuring 5.6m long, the 545 Bay Cruiser has oodles of deck space, and is built tough to handle rough conditions.

Standard features include a 95L fuel tank, rear folding lounge, rod holders and large side pockets.

Duncan said the 545 Bay Cruiser is the largest runabout in the range, and was the ideal boat for fishing, “especially for our customers in the southern States.”

“To keep the 545 budget friendly, we included all essential features as standard, but allowed customers to option with the extras to suit their needs.”

The 545 is rated to seven people, and Duncan explained that Savage added some larger boat models to appeal to buyers looking for a new, affordable boat, with extra room.

Options available include Bimini and envelope, berley bucket, rod holders, ski hooks, and a transom door.

Package: Savage trailer Powered by 115HP ETEC Incl. Registration, safety gear. $37,991

575 BLUE WATER The new 575 Blue Water is now the largest in the cabin range, and is suited to the family or anglers.

Manufactured with 4mm thick bottom sheets and 3mm smooth-side sheets, the 575 Blue Water has a spacious cuddy cabin, yet maximises deck space. This model is designed to handles offshore conditions.

Standard features include a 95L fuel tank, rod holders and folding rear lounge. Anglers can add options such as berley bucket, live bait tank in the rear deck, Bimini and envelope, and a rocket launcher.

Duncan said the 575 Blue Water was added to the cabin range after requests from the dealer network for a model rated to a larger horsepower.

“We saw an opportunity to expand our cabin range to include the 575 after our dealer network informed us they were receiving requests from customers for a larger cabin model.”

The 575 Blue Water has a rating of 150HP, making it suited to travelling longer distances when you need extra power.

Package: Savage trailer Powered by 150HP E-TEC Incl. Registration, safety gear. $47,956

515 BEACH COMBER Savage’s new look 515 Beach Comber bowrider is being marketed as the perfect package to get families on the water.

Built with new 4mm smooth look side sheets and 70L fuel tank the 515 Beach Comber offers a modern new look. The Beach Comber comes with ski hooks, and can be optioned up with a ski tube rack, rear ladder and CD stereo with speakers.

Duncan said the 515 Beach Comber was a manageable boating option, designed around the principles of a soft riding hull, practical layout and basic features as standard allowing the customer to option up with the features that matters to them.

Rated for six people, this is a versatile unit. Any angler who has ever used a bowrider will tell you that this configuration makes a great fishing platform as you can fish bow or stern, and get under cover on miserable days. The rear lounge can be folded down to fish out the back, and the boat will suit bays, dams, rivers and estuaries.

The 515 can be towed by a mid-sized family car and has enough room for six people. Options include Bimini and envelope, berley bucket, live bait tank, ski tube rack and extra rod holders.

Package: Savage trailer Powered by 115HP E-TEC Incl. Registration, safety gear. $34,864

All the boats are available as a complete packages, which includes boat, motor, trailer and a three-year limited warranty. More information:

Prices were credited to Mark Luttrell at Coffs Harbour Marine, NSW. TEL: 02 66524722 or Email:


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