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The specifications of Shimano’s light and compact CM-1000 Sport Camera are impressive: full HD resolution, 10m underwater with no housing, 135 or super wide 180 degree viewing angle options, an F2.0 lens perfect for low light conditions, the battery takes less than four hours to charge, and it runs for two hours.

What’s more, it’s possible to link it to other devices via WI-FI, ANT+ and ANT private connectivity.

The Shimano Sport Cam comes with a lens cover, adhesive mount, vented head mount, USB cable, and an instruction manual. Optional accessories include a case waterproof to 80 metres, tripod, arm extender, flat polarised lens cover and silicone sleeve.

It’s not only a video camera though; the CM-1000 will also take still images at 6MP 4:3 (2848 x 2136).

Never miss a fishing photographic opportunity ever again with the Shimano Sport Camera.


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