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Winchester .22 rimfire ammunition is well respected in shooting circles and widely used for plinking, hunting and target shooting, including the Australian manufactured Subsonic Rimfire round that combines excellent reliability, accuracy and performance, matched at an affordable price.

Both standard velocity and subsonic .22 rimfire ammo are favoured by target shooters for a couple of reasons, foremost being the price, especially for practice shooting. It’s below the speed of sound, so the blast is low enough on a shooting range as not to annoy other shooters. It is also excellent for hunting rabbits on farms as the gunshots are hardly heard more than 100m away.

Standard velocity .22 rimfire ammo is used for serious target shooting for several reasons: accuracy, slight recoil and velocity retention. It’s favoured by pistol shooters, Olympic-style rifle events and extreme long-range shooting where matches in the USA range out to 500m. Some shooters are starting similar matches on our ranges also.

Both 200m target and metallic silhouette shooting are very popular in Australia, and most competitors use only standard-velocity ammo. The reason is that the bullet is not subject to instability, unlike a high-velocity bullet that starts off above the speed of sound and, when it drops down below it, the bullet becomes unstable and wobbly, which affects it accuracy. A low-velocity bullet has little drag and just drops down to the ground when it reaches the end of its trajectory.

Bullet instability is largely avoided in high-power, pointed, spitzer-style bullets, but low-powered, lead, round-nosed bullets, like those used in .22 rimfire rounds, suffer greatly, the reason that standard-velocity bullets are preferred for both target and long-range shooting, and for pistol shooting.

Winchester sub-sonic rounds are loaded with a 45-grain hollow-point lead bullet that departs the barrel at 1065 fps. Affordable, reliable and accurate, these .22 rimfire bullets will give you excellent performance in rifles and pistols, whether on the range or hunting small game with your rifle.


The MeoPro® 80 HD offers high-definition benchmark performance and affordability in an American assembled optic. Built to high-quality standards, this newest MeoPro spotter is the perfect optic for observing nature at extended distances.

The large 80mm HD Fluoride objective lens element delivers incredible resolution, brightness and vivid colour, while eliminating chromatic aberrations (CA) or colour fringing in challenging conditions. With an eye relief of 18.5mm, an integrated 20x–60x eyepiece reels in distant subjects with incredible clarity and superb edge-to-edge sharpness. The CentricDriveTM mid-body focus control is easy to use, even with gloved hands. The angled compact, rubber-armoured magnesium chassis is waterproof, fog proof and built to last a lifetime in the field.

RRP $2,095.00


It’s essential to wear ear protection to safeguard our valuable hearing and there are several ways of doing this. One way is the popular earmuffs that have adjustable decibels, plugs and sonic fittings.

However, the answer may be in the Decibullz moulded earplug that can be shaped to fit all ears. These custom moulded earplugs are simply formed and shaped to fit your outer ears canals. This is done by heating thermoplastic Decibullz moulds in boiling water, allowing them to cool to touch, inserting them into your ears and shaping them to your comfort.

You also have a choice of colours: black, red, pink and blue. Aside from gunshot concussions, the moulds can also be used for swimming and industrial noises, and even loud music and concerts.

The kit includes two custom moulds, three sets of triple flange tips, one set of Max Protec Medium foam tips and an earplug carrying pouch, with full instructions.

RRP $59.95


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