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The T-Pot™ was invented by a kayak crabbing enthusiast called Teo and hence it was named the ‘Teo-Pot’ or T-Pot™ for short. It took over two years of research & development, including testing for effectiveness and reliability, before full-scale production commenced recently.

The T-Pot™ was originally designed to overcome the problem of outfitting a kayak for crabbing using traditional collapsible pots. In both single and double kayaks, the cargo space is usually too small to accommodate traditional crab pots.

They’re still ideal for kayaking, but there’s much more to it than that. The research and development of the T-Pot has evolved to include many unique design features that make them ideal for other modes of crabbing, such as from a larger boat, jetty or bank.

Fully Collapsible Unlike a traditional crab pot, the T-Pot has no fixed frame and it folds down to baton-size. It’s a genuine ‘fully collapsible’ crab pot.

They can be packed into a backpack, stowed away in a caravan compartment, in the car boot or under the floor of a boat.

Quick deployment Unwrapping the hauling rope is done quickly by letting the T-Pot unroll on the floor of a boat or on the ground. All it takes is a leisurely few seconds to set up the T-Pot for crabbing.

Quick storage Preparing the T-Pot for storage is as simple as it is to set it up. The T-Pot is collapsed, netting wrapped around the four legs and the hauling rope wound along the entire length within seconds.

Easy to use While the ease of using the T-Pot makes crabbing even more fun for adult crabbers, it is also ideal for kids to use.

Easy and controlled catch release A first for the T-Pot is its unique (patented) double layer, overlapping release door (for the enclosed 2 or 4-Door models - MA860, MA660 and MA460). The double layer door at the base provides a controlled release of the catch into a bucket or cooler box. No drawstring to untie or swinging doors to control in order to release the catch. No more vicious crabs running wild in the boat or around the legs. And all this is done without having to collapse the T-Pot!

Broad base and low center of gravity design. Besides having a broad base, the T-Pot has looped stoppers to keep added weights at the lower section of each leg to create a low center of gravity. These characteristics give the T-Pot added stability in flowing water and also a self-righting attitude as it sinks to the seabed.

Dynamically balanced The hauling rope of a T-Pot is attached to a point along the center of gravity that gives it a dynamic balance during retrieval. This eliminates the sea-sawing effect experienced in many traditional pots, saving the arms and back of the crabber.

Soft and self-closing entry Many traditional pots have fixed size doors to allow easy entry for the crabs but they also give them a chance to leave after feeding. In the case of the T-Pot, each door is designed with a “soft” front ramp that opens up the entrance when the crab steps on it whilst trying to get near to the bait. Once the crab steps into the pot, the door closes. You can set up the T-Pots, go fishing, and check them only on the return trip.

Durable All T-Pots are made of quality stainless steel main structure with UV stabilized plastic hubs and PE netting. With a rinsing in fresh water after each crabbing trip and storage in dry conditions, the T-Pots will last for a long time.

Effective in all positions for enclosed models In extremely strong currents crab pots may tip over. For the enclosed T-Pot model, the doors are accessible no matter which way up it comes to rest. This unique feature ensures it will continue to catch crabs under all conditions.

Open-sided model designed for non-stop excitement Crabs enter the open-sided T-Pot from any direction at any time. Besides satisfying fisheries regulation in certain areas prohibiting enclosed pots, this open design allows the crabber to work actively, and check the pot at short intervals.


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