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Recently we had the opportunity to test out the Maxtrax system of vehicle retrieval out of a bog. Actually, it was more than an opportunity; we were stuck and, as the fourbie was not equipped with a winch, we would have somehow needed to get a tow out from another vehicle.

This happened on a remote Arnhem Land road during the wet season. We carried a pair of Maxtrax kits in their PVC vinyl carry bags (two to a bag). The following photos explain how simple and effective the Maxtrax recovery system is.

1    The back tyres are bogged, so a Maxtrax is jammed in behind each back wheel.

2    The vehicle is reversed onto the Maxtraxes.

3    Proper mud tyres would have helped 
but too late for that now. To achieve the necessary traction for the front tyres to pull the vehicle out — aided by the fact that the back tyres are now sitting nicely on a pair of Maxtraxes — a second pair have been jammed up under the front tyres.

4    Out she comes — the rear tyres have traction, punching the vehicle forward until the front tyres gain traction and can take over.

5    There’s no stopping now…the back tyres have made it to the front pair of Maxtraxes and the vehicle has been recovered.

6    The only problem now is to recover the Maxtraxes! That’s why it’s a good idea to also purchase Maxtrax Telltale Leashes to rip these amazing plastic units out.

7    Long arms do the job anyway.


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