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WAECO CF18 + Carry Bag

With the CoolFreeze CF18 and Insulated carry bag, Waeco has successfully designed a truly portable fridge/freezer. The CF18 will keep drinks cold and bait frozen all day and is the perfect companion whether on land or offshore. It is a heavyweight in terms of performance, yet a flyweight at only 11.5 kilos, making it easy to transport from the boat to the car. With a full 18 litre capacity and the average power consumption of only 1.06 amps/hr (@12V, 5°C interior, 32°C ambient temperature) the CF18 is aptly referred to as the “energy saver”. Now also available is an insulated protective cover to protect the fridge while out and about. It’s easy to fit with Velcro and zip panels, not to mention providing the additional benefit of cutting down the power draw by giving additional insulation. Enquiries: Waeco (1800) 212 121. Web:


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