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Waeco Cool-Ice Icebox Wci-85w Now With An Extended Handle And Back Wheels

With a convenient extended handle and back wheels, the WAECO Cool-Ice box WCI-85W can now go with you wherever you need. These practical iceboxes are rotomoulded, i.e. moulded in one piece, so there are no seams where the heat can get in. This also makes them extremely strong, durable and also easy to clean.  The WAECO Cool-Ice iceboxes can keep ice for up to 10 days, due to the thick, refrigeration grade foam insulation, just like your fridge at home. The ‘Labyrinth Seal Design’ retains the cold air inside the box and keeps the warm air outside from seeping in. This feature also seals against dust from entering and will keep your supplies dry and fresh, if you are using it as a storage container. Cool Ice boxes are square shaped so they fit easily into your vehicle. Underneath the handles are practical tie down points, which are great for when you’re packing your 4WD. The stainless steel hinges are recessed for strength and durability, while the front latches made from durable nylon, are replaceable should the need arise and feature stainless steel pins to ensure long life. The WAECO Cool-Ice range is available in eight sizes, and feature a massive five year warranty. RRP:  The new WAECO WCI-85W starts at $399.


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