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Waeco PerfectView Cam44 Makes Reversing a Breeze.

Joining the already extensive PerfectView range is the WAECO PerfectView CAM44 twin camera.  With no additional connectors required, the CAM44 is an easy solution to adding an extra camera to your existing reversing system.  With two lenses, the CAM44 camera captures both long and close range images, enabling you to see long range images of the road behind you as well as images of your caravan whilst hitching.

Anodised and powder coated aluminum housing with stainless steel cap and mount ensures the PerfectView Camera 44 will be able to deliver a quality image even in the roughest terrains.  The motor-operated camera shutter protects the lens from dust, dirt and damage giving you a clear view every time. The twin camera perfectly matches the WAECO PerfectView colour monitors M5L and M7L. When connected to the PerfectView CAM 44, the M7L monitors will display three distance marks clearly indicating the distance from an obstacle. Reversing has never been easier to manage with the PerfectView CAM 44.

RRP: $549.00


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