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Yamaha Performance and Reliability

VMAX Dependability Brings Success for Fishing Champion Australia’s professional tournament fishermen take their sport very seriously. Thousands of dollars in prize money and potential sponsorship deals can all rest on the skill of the angler and the performance and reliability of their chosen fishing boat.

Multiple Australian Fishing Champion and tournament specialist Harry ‘Hank’ Watson knows what it takes to become Australia’s best angler on the Bass and Bream fishing scene. He understands that reliability is just as important as speed when competing in a hotly contested fishing tournament. .

“There’s no point going 80mph to get to a favourite fishing spot if your outboard isn’t reliable enough to get you back,” said Harry Watson.“I’ve been fishing professionally for 10 years and I’ve used Yamaha engines extensively throughout my competition career. With my 200hp Yamaha VMAX outboard, I can get to all my destinations quickly, quietly and efficiently and still have the confidence knowing I’ll get back home again.”

Harry Watson’s professional fishing record is quite remarkable, having won two of the last four AFC championships and two National Bass titles. Harry admits being fortunate enough to find competition success early in his career, which gave him a wide range of sponsorship choices.

Harry Watson’s 200HP Yamaha VMAX outboard is built on a 2.6litre V6 low-emission engine that features Yamaha’s advanced High Pressure Direct Injection fuel delivery system. Renowned for its hole shot acceleration and brilliant top end speed, the VMAX Z200 is also quiet and remarkably fuel efficient.

After a short stint with one outboard brand and despite a number of free engine offers from other manufacturers, Harry chose to purchase his first Yamaha outboard and has never looked back. Harry has fished from a range of boating platforms including a Quintrex Hornet powered by a Yamaha 4-stroke, but his latest fully-sponsored competition boat turns heads like no other.

The current fishing weapon of choice is a fully imported Skeeter ZX190 fibreglass sports fishing boat powered by Yamaha’s high-pressure direct injection 200hp VMAX outboard. Covered in eye-catching graphics, this boating combination delivers the speed and efficiency that allows Harry to fish more locations at each tournament and better his odds at bringing home the trophies.

“There are a lot of competition anglers that swear by different brands of outboard engine,” said Harry Watson.

“Judging on performance and reliability alone, I am confident that if they all had the choice to own one particular brand of outboard, they would choose a Yamaha.”

When Harry isn’t stalking the ranks of Australia’s fishing tournaments, he is hard at work as the sole importer/distributor of the popular Japanese brand of Jackall fishing lures. Clearly a man dedicated to the world of angling, Harry is revered among his peers and sees no reason why he can’t continue his Yamaha powered angling success well into the future.

Advanced Digital Control for New Yamaha F250B Outboard Yamaha Motor Corporation has unveiled a second generation four stroke 250hp outboard featuring digital electronic remote control for greatly improved operability and reliability.

The new F250B is based on the proven 3.3 litre V6 from the ground breaking F250A.  The new release Yamaha F250B offers a suite of technological advantages for smooth throttle operation, responsive performance plus secure and reliable gear shifting.

At the heart of the new model F250B is Yamaha’s digital electronic remote control system. Governed and monitored by Yamaha’s sophisticated Engine Control Module (ECM), throttle control and gear shift is digitally controlled through a remote electronic box linked to the throttle lever. Throttle response is also greatly improved for when precise control is needed for bar crossings or low-speed trolling offshore. The F250B features a variable trolling rpm switch on the 6Y8 digital tacho which adjusts trolling speed as desired in increments of 50 rpm between 600 and 1000 rpm. “Yamaha has made numerous technical advancements since the first release of the F250A, so our ground breaking F250 was due for an upgrade,” said Brett Hampson, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Marine Products at Yamaha Motor Australia.

“Boaters will love the smooth power on tap from the F250B with our advanced digital electronic remote control system. For applications where the engine is continually in and out of gear, the digital shift control delivers greater reliability than ever before.”

The ECM onboard the F250B also governs Yamaha’s multi-point fuel injection system which enables precise control of fuel/air mixture depending on the load and speed, to increase combustion efficiency for superior performance. Quicker acceleration is achieved on the F250B through the use of long air intake manifolds and Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) to boost low and mid-range torque. The 24-valve Double Over-Head Camshaft also provides greater valve timing control for clean and powerful combustion. Yamaha’s new F250B is available as two variations, the standard right-rotation propeller and a counter rotation model. Both models offer 25 inch and 30 inch transom versions.

Yamaha outboards are available through an Australia-wide network of authorised Yamaha outboard dealers.  All Yamaha 4-stroke outboards are supported with a full 4-year manufacturer’s warranty and all 2-stroke outboards are backed by a 3 year warranty – standard conditions apply.


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