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National Australian Annual (NAFA)


Established by Alex Julius in 1992, NAFA is Australia’s largest and most widely-distributed fishing magazine and now reaches a total edition readership in excess of 160 000.  NAFA is a bi-annual magazine and is a large format, full-colour, gloss magazine with up to 300 pages of content per edition.

Readers consider NAFA a reliable and authoritative source for information on fishing, locations, species, equipment, tackle, techniques, 4WD and boating.This quality magazine contains informative articles and first-class photography from the best writers in the country.

Alex Julius


NAFA is produced by Alex Julius Fishing Media Pty Ltd

P.O. Box 571

Howard Springs

NT 0835



ABN: 29 057 840 392

Alex’s is a very fishy story. After more than 40 years a resident of Darwin, he is widely regarded as one of the nation’s foremost authorities on fishing tropical North Australia. He publishes NAFA (National Australian Fishing Annual), the country’s biggest fishing magazine.

In 2004, he started the multi-award-winning Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge, operating it for 11 years before it was acquired by Outback Spirit Tours.


Since 1983, Alex has been contributing a popular weekly fishing column to the Northern Territory News, and was ABC Darwin and NT-wide weekly fishing commentator for nearly two decades.


For several years in the 1990s, Alex was fishing presenter for Channel Nine’s National Wide World of Sports and compared his own successful Channel Nine television series, Fishing North Australia, which has been shown in the United Kingdom, throughout South America, Asia and the Pacific.

In the competitive fishing arena, at one time or another, Alex has won pretty well every major Northern Territory fishing tournament, including the famous NT Barra Classic, the Barra Nationals, the Kakadu Klash and the NT Game Fishing Championships.


Through the highly-regarded Amateur Fishermen’s Association NT, his advisory capacity on various Government fisheries committees, his work internally within Government, and his media outlets in the NT, he has been credited as the principal proponent behind the significant reduction in the number of commercial barramundi netting licences and the closure to commercial barramundi fishing of several major NT rivers.


In 2003, Alex was awarded the Centenary Medal for services to Australian Society during the Centenary of Federation. Signed by then Prime Minister, John Howard, and the Governor General, Peter Hollingworth, the citation read: For promotion and protection of recreational fishing in the Northern Territory.

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