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The famous Reidy’s brand of lures has added an excellent lure to their stable: the thumper Big Ass 200 B52.

The team at Reidy's Lures decided that they needed a larger version of the Big B52 that could be trolled at greater speeds. The new 200mm Big Ass B52 has the same head shape and size but is 2.5cm longer than its just-slightly-smaller brother and has a similar action and mid-water depth that has been the demise of so many big barra over the last couple of years.

The Big Ass B52 works well being trolled slowly or, with fine tuning, can be trolled at speeds up to 8 knots.

The lure can reach depths of around 3 metres whilst being trolled but can be equally successful with cast-and-retrieve-style fishing and, as with its smaller brother, with rod twitching will impart action into the lure mimicking scared, fleeing or injured baitfish.

The Reidy's Lures Big Ass B52 is fitted with heavy duty split rings and 3 heavy duty size 2/0 treble hooks.

This lure is made to fish for barramundi and pelagics, like Spanish mackerel, tuna, jewfish and other sportfish.


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