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FIRST LOOK! 2Deadly Killalure By Lance Butler It’s rare that something new to the world of lures can be classed as truly innovative and most-definitely unique. Well how about a popper that in an instant can be made to swim like an enticing shallow-diver…or a shallow-diver that in an instant can be made to pop on the surface…or a…..?

Leading tackle distributor Basser Millyard is excited to announce a new partnership between its famous Killalure brand and leading north Australian fishing guide, Lance Butler. Lance has been guiding anglers to trophy-sized barra throughout northern Qld and the NT for over 30 years. In recent years, in between his professional guiding, Lance has been designing and crafting extremely-effective lures.

Averaging over 250 days on the water each year, Lance knows what works and what doesn’t; and he has applied his vast practical experience and unique knowledge as a fishing guide to developing an exciting new range of lures that will be sold under the new Killalure By Lance Butler banner.

In this issue of NAFA, we are pleased to give anglers a sneak peak at the first model due to be released very soon under this new brand. The innovative 2Deadly is one of Lance’s most-successful designs, and certainly one of his favourites for big barra and other predators. Unbelievably, this creative new lure, measuring in at 120mm, can be fished as both a popper and a shallow diver; this is thanks to its unique design and profile.

Lance has taken a traditional baitfish profile and included a flat, cut-face which allows the lure to pop and push water when fished at the surface.

The addition of a small, rounded bib also means the lure will dive and swim with a rolling action when retrieved.

The idea behind this unique new design is that the angler can fire a cast right into bankside cover, allow the lure to rest and then give the rod a couple of sharp jerks. The lure will pop and splash loudly, instantly drawing the attention of any nearby predators with a sound somewhat reminiscent of a barra boof. After giving the lure a couple of pops to grab the fish’s attention, the angler can then slowly crank the lure below the surface and get it swimming with a great wide, rolling action just like a traditional shallow diver. In other words, the 2Deadly gives the angler the best of both worlds: the splash and sound of a popper, and the action and vibration of a diver.

The 2Deadly also has the added benefit of Killalure’s heavy-duty engineering, which means it’s built tough to handle the harsh conditions of Australia’s north. The 2Deadly is built extra-strong to handle big barra and other tough saltwater predators including GTs, queenfish, mackerel, mangrove jacks and many others.

Keep an eye out for the 2Deadly in tackle stores right around Australia; it’s due to hit the shelves in early June 2011. Also keep an eye on this space in future issues of NAFA and Barra Bass & Bream Digest, as there are some other exciting new lures to come from Lance and the new Killalure By Lance Butler range; and they include some very innovative new features not before seen in a hard-bodied lure. Stay tuned!


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