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AC Delco Batteries

Real car guys know that if you want your battery to last longer, get the one built for the long haul: an ACDelco Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery. Whether you're travelling by car, heavy-duty truck or boat, ACDelco makes a battery that's maintenance-free and long lasting.

ACDelco Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries are truly maintenance free — they never need water, are rugged, have an extremely low discharge rate, and are environmentally friendly. ACDelco batteries are filled and heat-sealed at the factory so that you can simply install one in your vehicle and virtually forget about it!

ACDelco also offer specialized Marine Batteries that are built to last in a tough marine environment. The last place you want to have a flat battery is out on the water — an ACDelco Marine Battery is the answer for total peace of mind.

Boat owners have special battery requirements, particularly with the increasing use of accessories such as electric motors and fridges. That's why ACDelco Marine Batteries use Expanded Wrought Lead Calcium Grid technology for its strength, durability and anti-corrosion properties. Because of their low self-discharge, you can always depend on an ACDelco Marine Battery to start, even if it's left unused over extended periods of time.

So don't risk landing yourself in hot water, insist on fitting a quality ACDelco Battery in your boat.

All battery manufacturers claim that their batteries are long lasting. However, check out this extraordinary real-life story about a very long-lasting ACDelco Battery…

An ACDelco Battery was recently found at the bottom of Lake Michigan. It was located on a World War II Era navy plane that went down during training exercises in 1944.

The rescue was part of a museum effort to recover and restore historic aircraft from that era. After flushing the 24-volt battery, adding electrolyte and charging it for all of 30 minutes, the ACDelco Battery cranked right up.

You could say ACDelco passed the ultimate endurance test with flying colours. After more than 50 years under water, it still cranked!


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