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Alex's Column 06/04/2023

Given the timing with the Daly River dropping quickly to below 2m above the crossing over the last fortnight, it was no surprise that the barra turned it on for the annual Great Northern Brewing Co Girls Gone Fishin’ competition.

Held from Thursday to Saturday last week, there were 926 barra caught and released by the 54 teams.

The quality of the barra was noteworthy too: there were 115 over 70cm, including eight in the 90s and two over a metre.

The biggest barra measured 107cm and was caught by Delisa Bell in Team Bird’s Nest trolling in the last half hour of the final day.

The other metrey (101cm) was caught by Julie Matcott in Team Beer Sinkers.

According to GGF Co-ordinator, Sammie Wigg, there were certain bite windows that turned on, mostly early morning but also late afternoon.

“As expected, most of the fish were caught casting at creeks, but there were a lot of fish caught trolling later in the afternoons,” Sammie told me.

“The proud winners were Letitia Wing, Emily Haywood, Kelsy MacMillan and Courtney Johnson in Team Slaying The Big Girls.

“Most of their 37 fish were in the higher sizes.

“This year, there was absolutely no carnage; the river dropped a lot but it was fabulous.

“It was amazing – it was everything I ever wanted it to be: a chance for friends to get together and for the girls to have great fun fishing,” Sammie said.

“I managed to get on the river all three days and it was awesome that, every time someone caught a fish, the boats nearby applauded.

“I was sitting on Catfish late on the last day and it was just fish after fish after fish, and everyone yelling out ‘well done mate’.

“The vibes and the camaraderie were amazing: everyone loved everyone catching fish.

“This was our biggest year ever for celebrating during the event; everyone was there to have heaps of fun,” Sammie said.

Once again, the Great Northern Brewing Co Girls Gone Fishin’ competition was held at the delightful Banyan Farm Tourist Park which hosts all the big barra competitions.


Champion Team: Slaying The Big Girls – Letitia Wing, Emily Haywood, Kelsy MacMillan, Courtney Johnson (3050 points)

Second Team: Hookers – Sally Harding, Kia Bond, Kaitlin Chin (2175 points)

Third Team: Just Hook It – Lisa Taylor, Michele Zamolo (2075 points)

Champion Angler: Lisa Taylor in Team Just Hook It (1285 points)

Second: Courtney Johnson in Team Slaying The Big Girls (1245 points)

Third: Julyana Un-Kukla in Team Hookers (1000 points)

Skye Kirne, Delisa Bell and Brigitte Brown with Delisa’s 107cm barra which was the biggest barra in the Great Northern Brewing Co Girls Gone Fishin’ competition


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