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Alex's Column 13 October 2023

Wasn’t September a funny month weather-wise?

Conditions are normally humid and hot with light winds, if any at all, but the

south-easterlies just didn’t give up.

According to NT Billfish Classic co-ordinator, Peter Dienhoff, the strong winds

were partly why hardly any boats have been out chasing sailfish and marlin.

“The dates for this year’s Classic have been set for 9-11 November, starting on

a Thursday,” Peter told me.

“But I don’t know if there have been any billfish caught lately.

“Reading between the lines on social media, a couple of boats have been

fishing The Forks off Dundee and the top of South Gutter.

“The other reason I think boats have not been going out is the astronomical

price of fuel,” Peter said.

“At more than$2.00 a litre, it’s a fair outlay when you fill up with 600-700L for

a couple of days fishing.”

For the first time, Darwin Game Fishing Club has incorporated a pelagic section

in this year’s Billfish Classic.

“Points awarded for the pelagic section will be separate to the points awarded

for the billfish category, and the pelagic section will have its own prizes.

“The pelagic section covers mackerel, tuna, queenfish and trevally.

“This initiative gives teams the opportunity to accumulate points towards the

pelagic section while competing in the Billfish Classic,” Peter explained.

“As you know, pelagics are the scourge of a billfisherman, destroying baits set

for billfish.

“This new category gives the teams competing the opportunity to switch to

hard-bodied lures while on a school of pelagics and score points towards some

great prizes.

Hopefully, it will also encourage anglers to put a team together and compete in

the Classic, which is why this separate category has been created.

The final round of the Penn Top End Billfish Series will be held in conjunction

with the NT Billfish Classic.

Hopefully, the winds will be much more favourable next month which should

ensure plenty of entries and boats on the water.

The fifth round of the Billfish Series will be held from Dundee this weekend,

and it looks like the weather might finally be on the side of anglers.

The neap tides will be over and the conditions should be perfect for an early

launch and a late retrieval.

Entries can still be lodged for the Billfish Classic.

Briefing Night is Monday 6 November at the Trailer Boat Club and Presentation

Night is 18 November at Silks.”

Entry forms are available on the club’s Facebook Page or


Darwin Game Fishing Club has recently announced another great initiative.

Next year, the club will be hosting the inaugural Barra Classic Masters which

will be run over three days in conjunction with the NT Barra Classic.

This is a great idea which has been talked about for years, and should work a

treat side by side with the original Barra Classic.

It will be open to anglers who are 60 years or older on 1 May 2024.

Well done Darwin Game Fishing Club.

Kimmie Mychas was Champion Angler in the 2022 NT Billfish Classic.

The muddies are running in Darwin estuaries. Mel, Reno and Geoff Doig

with part of a great feed to come.


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