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Alex's Column 2 December 2021

You can read the story on page three of today’s paper, but how clever is it for NT Major Events and SportsBet to slip another dozen red-tagged barra into Darwin waters.

These “12 Fish Of Christmas” give anglers a great opportunity to bag $10,000 cash because that’s what each one is worth, unless of course one of them is carrying the magical $1 million price tag.

Make no mistake about it: these 12 barra that were released on Tuesday are all in immediate Darwin waters.

According to SportsBet’s Brad Fanning: “They are in very easy locations – popular and close. “These 12 tagged barra are not far and wide; at the moment we’ve got the most red tags in the water we’ve ever had.

“If it happens, it happens, but both SportsBet and myself are desperate for the $1 million to go off,” Brad told me.

Brad made a very good point that the most-likely barra to be caught are those most recently released.

Historically, that has been the case.

Well, Darwin anglers are in luck because this weekend’s tides are just spot on for estuary barra fishing.

There’s a low tide of 0.4m at noon on Saturday and it gets even lower at 0.2m on Sunday at 12.41pm.

Given there is also no moon, the barra should be on the bite.

We know from the Million Dollar Fish Facebook page that one SportsBet tagged barra was released off the beach in front of the Trailer Boat Club.

Another is clearly being released out from Talc Head, and you can be fairly confident that the other 10 were released elsewhere in Darwin Harbour, including out from the Dinah Beach boat ramp where I suspect Santa and his tagging team launched.

“Major Events will be giving out more location clues for the 12 Christmas fish on the MDF Facebook page,” Brad said.

“It’s interesting that land-based fishos are beating recaptures from boats this season.

“Five recaptures so far has been a nice consistent number, and with a bit of regularity between fish,” Brad explained.

Collectively worth $120,000, the 12 barra bring the total numberof active $10,000Season 7 fish to 107, with five already caught by lucky fishos.

This season, every $10,000 fish caught sees an additional $1,000 donated to a Million Dollar Fish Official Charity Partner.

Once theMillion Dollar Fish is caught, an additional $10,000 will be donated to a Million Dollar Fish Official Charity Partner.

Season 7 of Million Dollar Fish runs from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

To claim anyprize money if you catch a taggedfish, you must be registered for Million Dollar FishSeason 7. Visit

Given one barra was released adjacent to the Trailer Boat Club, it’s not rocket science to try your luck around the rocks at the end of Fannie Bay near East Point.

Mid-afternoon would be a good time as there will be enough water then.

Another likely location is Sadgroves Creek out from the Dinah Beach boat ramp.

However, don’t forget there are almost certainly lots more SportsBet tagged barra up inside Darwin Harbour’s arms.

Just pick your favourite spot and go fishing from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

You never know your luck.

Steve Harris and fishing guide Brodie Quaas with a long lean barra that unfortunately wasn’t carrying a $10,000 SportsBet tag.


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