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Alex's Column 30th Sept 2021

Million Dollar Fish Season 7 will be up and running from midnight tonight.

Who could ever have predicted that this amazing competition would still be going after all these years?

And there’s plenty more life left in it yet because the major partner, SportsBet, wants to keep going hopefully until a tagged barra worth the full $1million is recaptured.

SportsBet’s External Affairs Director, Brad Fanning, who has been involved with the competition since its inception, has just returned from a field trip to various locations where the MDF team has been tagging the last of the barra for this Season 7.

“The current contract extends to 2026,” Brad told me.

“With prize-tagged fish released right across the Territory from the Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land and Darwin to Kakadu and Katherine, the chances of turning your catch into cash have never been better.

“Registering for Million Dollar Fish is quick, easy and free – aside from having the chance to become a millionaire, you’ll also go into the draw to win great prizes each month as part of the Lucky Prize Pool.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have over $61,000 worth of incredible prizes this season, which have been supplied by the competition’s partners.

“There’s more $1million tagged fish out there than ever before – eight in total – so get out there and wet a line across the Top End starting tomorrow. Who knows, one cast could change your life!”

I for one won’t be surprised if a SportsBet tagged barra gets recaptured tomorrow; it wouldn’t be the first time one has been caught within the first 24 hours.

If you want to have a shot tomorrow or over the weekend, I suggest you join the line-up at the old Daly River Crossing; you mightn’t catch one but you might see one get caught because more have come from the crossing than anywhere else.

For the record, the 10 MDF recaptured barra in Season 6 came from: Nightcliff 2, Mary River Bridge Lagoon 2, Yellow Water Lagoon 2, Corroboree Billabong 1, Daly River 1, Finniss River 1 and Adelaide River 1.

A further six red-tagged barra were caught out of season. That’s happened every year.

Each of those locations stands out then as a potential waterway to catch a 10K barra… or even a magical $1million barra.

If you decide to launch at the public boat ramp at the Daly, and head down the river for a fish, just remember that the closure of the lower tidal section of the Daly commences at midnight.

From 1 October until 1 February next year, there will be no fishing allowed downstream of Moon Billabong outlet all the way to the commercial fishing closure line in Anson Bay.

It seems it’s all happening in threes, because the commercial barramundi fishing season also starts tomorrow, and also continues until 1 February next year.

Million Dollar Fish Season 7 will run until 31 March 2022.

For more information, head to or follow Million Dollar Fish on social media.

Can you pick this location where SportsBet’s Brad Fanning is about to release a red-tagged barra for Million Dollar Fish Season 7?


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