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Alex's Fishing Column 2 April 2020

It’s been another topsy-turvy week, but at least some nice fish have been caught.

Shady Camp down at the mouth and along the coast produced some ripper barra before the roadblock at the Bark Hut.

There are different stories doing the rounds about that one.

It seems the roadblock was to support the closure of Kakadu National Park, and prevent people from driving on the Old Jim Jim Road to Cooinda and beyond.

At time of writing, the Bark Hut roadblock was still in place – or so I’m told – but the police on duty there are letting fishos through if they’re heading for Shady Camp, but only on the proviso that they are family living in the same abode or others also living under the one roof.

And they’re not taking your word for it: you’ll need to show an ID with residential status.

Other places that are closed include the Daly River, Alligator Rivers and Timber Creek at Victoria River.

Again at time of writing, still open are Dundee Beach, Finniss River, Adelaide River, Darwin Harbour, Bynoe Harbour, Shoal Bay, Leaders Creek and Saltwater Arm.

Stuarts Tree Camping Ground is also open so you can get to Wildman River from there, but there’s no accommodation, it’s day-use only and you must ring first.

With all these closures, there’s an opportunity to fish the Daly River during the very best time of year and hardly see any other boats.

Simply launch at Dundee and boat around to the Daly.

So many anglers nowadays sleep over in their boats, so it’s really just a logistical challenge.

But you’d need to stay down the bottom half of the river; certainly below Browns Creek I’d suggest and therefore tens of kilometres below the community just below the crossing.

I’m hearing from several sources that the jewies are biting like mad out off Charles Point.

As well, there’ve been some quality sailfish caught.

It might be worth a shot to go offshore on the neap tides this weekend.

Just reiterating what I wrote last week, if we don’t use common sense, stick to the social distancing rules, fish only with family or housemates, and stay clear of closed areas, then we will likely have our fishing closed just like in Queensland.

Last weekend the police were turning people away from Darwin ramps too if they couldn’t prove they lived under the same roof.

As AFANT President, Warren De With, said to me: “People need to be savvy about what they’re doing so they don’t jeopardise it for the rest of us.”

Note: the images on this page were all taken before the new fishing rules came into play.


Aaron Walker’s Shady Camp 95cm barra was caught on a Reidy’s Fish Snakz soft vibe lure.

Tasmanian Mike Burdon’s first-ever barra measured 101cm and was caught on a Reidy’s B52.

Monika Farrow’s 91cm barra gobbled down a Reidy’s Big B52.


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