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Alex's Fishing Column 6/8/20

Who said there are no quality barra in Corroboree Billabong?

Kristen Noble definitely didn’t.

She fished there recently at night with Gary Hogg and caught three terrific barra measuring 80cm, 90cm and 92cm respectively.

If you read last week’s column, you’d know that Kristen is Palmerston Game Fishing Club’s co-ordinator of the Women’s Barratoga Bash which is scheduled for 3-6 September on Corroboree Billabong.

“I’m a firm believer in the ‘bong,” she told me.

“People have been saying all year that the barra are just not there, but I always felt the fish really are still there.

“A group of us went out in our own boats and fished around each other.

“It was just planned for fun, and we launched just after 6pm.

“The fish were all caught trolling and I was rapt after catching the first one which was 80cm.

“But then to catch two more in the 90s was unbelievable and I was so excited,” Kris explained.

“We worked hard; I always like to work for my fish.

“We were going to fish all night but it was just so freezing cold – I had three layers of clothing on – so we gave it away about midnight.

“The water was cold too, at one stage down to 22.2°C,” Kris said.

Kris anticipates the Women’s Barratoga Bash will go well.

“Overall, I’ve been hearing good reports, and people have been catching good mixes of barra and ‘toga,” She said.

“Typically, the barra are 60-70cm, so that’s a good size.

“Some years you go out to Corroboree, and it doesn’t feel like it will fish well, But this year the ’bong has a good feel about it,” Kris told me.


Darwin fly fishos will be looking forward to the annual Territory Saltwater Fly Fishing Challenge which will be held on 11-14 September.

Host Darwin Fly Rodders President, Leanne Harding, said: “This fun and challenging fly-fishing contest is held on the fish-rich waters of Bynoe Harbour. “This vast natural harbour, with its myriad of fishing options, is a fly-fishing haven.

“There are ample mud flats that provide outstanding run-off sight fishing opportunities,” Leanne said.

“The usual rocky outcrops, islands, creeks and tidal estuaries provide numerous surface and deep water fly fishing challenges.

“This catch-and-release tournament focuses on seven target species: barramundi, salmon, tarpon, queenfish, trevally, mackerel and snapper.

“The challenge is to land all of the seven species in one day,” Leanne explained.

“The competition is based at Sandpalms Roadhouse Tropical Motel, Bynoe. “Meals, evening entertainment and presentations are provided by the Darwin Flyrodders, as well as great prizes and a competition shirt,” Leanne said.

The competition briefing will be held on the Friday at 8pm with fishing taking place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The entry fee for teams of two anglers is $300 per person if you register by 11 August, and $350 per person up to 28 August when registrations close.

“To ensure your accommodation is secured, please contact Sandpalms Roadhouse Tropical Motel on 08 8978 2822 and let them know you're a competitor,” Leanne explained.


Kristen Noble was clearly elated after catching three terrific barra at night on Corroboree Billabong.


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