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ARB has developed an LED Head Lamp designed to assist you at the campsite, during vehicle recovery and breakdowns, or any time you need additional hands-free lighting.

ARB’s LED Head Lamp boasts an innovative design and weighs 162g. The high-intensity, 5W, 6500K Cree® LED headlamp – equipped with multiple lighting modes – has been designed for the outdoor adventurer. This bright headlamp’s multiple modes allow you to customise your lighting needs to fit any situation. Setting 1 provides a powerful 300-lumen beam with approximately 3 hours run time; setting 2 offers a power-saving 180-lumen beam with around 7 hours run time; and setting 3 provides even further power saving with its flashing mode.

Designed for convenience, all three modes are accessible via one simple-to-use button.

The anodised aluminium, hinged and focusing- lens body allows the beam to be adjusted from wide to narrow and tilted to suit whichever situation an adventurer might encounter.


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