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Vehicle recovery is an inescapable element of four wheel driving and the importance of carrying the right equipment is paramount. ARB identified a need in the market for a competitively-priced recovery pack without compromising on quality. Featuring eight unique items, all of which have been handpicked for their versatility, the Premium Recovery Kit is suitable for anyone from the novice four wheel driver up to the seasoned professional.

The kit is the perfect solution for both recreational and competition use. Whether you are performing a simple snatch recovery or a more advanced winch recovery, ARB’s heavy-duty,  high-visibility gear is up to the challenge. Coming complete in a pre-assembled box with convenient carry handles and weighing in at under 16kg, this item is easy to transport and fit into the back of your vehicle.

The complete kit includes an  8000kg snatch strap, 4500kg winch extension strap, 12,000kg tree trunk protector, 9000kg polymer snatch block, a recovery damper, two durable 4.75T bow shackles and durable leather gloves. All of the above items come contained ARB’s Winch Pack which features integrated side pockets and carry handle for easy transportation.


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