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ARB™s new SkyDome swag and BootSwag

The modest swag has come a long way since the simple canvas throw-over back in the 1800s, and it continues to evolve to this day with the unique shape and design of ARB’s new SkyDome swag.

ARB’s SkyDome swag range provides a versatile, comfortable and convenient camping option when travelling off-road. With a distinctive dome shape, the SkyDome provides a spacious interior with room to stretch out after a long day on the road.  With a large sleeping area measuring 2150mmL x 1400mmW x 850mmH for the double swag and 2150mmL x 900mmW x 850mmH for the single, the generous length, width and height of the swag contribute to the industry leading-height from head to hip.

The SkyDome’s freestanding design means it can be conveniently placed on any flat surface without having to rely on pegs and guy ropes, allowing the swag to be set up on sand, rock and even concrete. Strong 11mm aluminium bows create the dome shape and eliminates the enclosed feeling of a traditional swag, allowing you to relax, bend your knees or sit up in the SkyDome swag.The large nylon mesh door provides easy access, excellent ventilation and an exceptional view of the night sky on those beautiful, clear nights.

Outstanding in wet conditions, the SkyDome features a heavy duty 820gsm PVC base, with welded seams for waterproofing. Extending 75mm up the side of the swag, the waterproof base prevents water leakage from puddles or mild flooding, while the SkyDome’s heavy-duty canvas top is also waterproof and heat reflective. Finished in a heavy duty 450gsm water and rot-proofed canvas, all doors and windows feature YKK zips, while a rain gutter is incorporated into the main entry door to inhibit water ingress. Providing comfort, the 75mm corrugated foam mattress features anti-microbial additives, while the cover is machine washable. A number of internal storage devices are also integrated in the swag, including a wide-brim hat holder in the head awning that’s accessible from inside or outside the swag.

Offering a sheltered enclosure for storage of footwear and other items, the ARB BootSwag is designed to sit alongside the SkyDome swag. The BootSwag is also ideal for rooftop tents where it can be placed at the foot of the ladder. Four internal accessory pockets allow storage of items such as phone, wallet and drink bottle, and two internal, high-mount hooks and Velcro grips are ideal for holding items such as torches, lamps and keys. Easy to roll up and transport, the swag features a soft-grip carry handle and heavy-duty buckles, while the accessory bag allows storing of the pegs and bows.

A large boot mat is attached to the BootSwag, allowing your feet to be kept clean and dry from the ground, while removing or putting on footwear. The large dome area of 460mmL x 500mmW x 340mmH will suit most boots, with enough room to place your hat inside as well. The BootSwag’s base and boot mat is made from heavy-duty waterproof PVC, while the dome section is made from PU-coated Oxford polyester fabric and features high-quality YKK zips.


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