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Speed-sensitive damping is related to the damping force increasing as the speed of the shock’s movement increases. One of the benefits of speed-sensitive dampers is that they provide a soft, comfortable ride at low speeds, but still give the driver control and confidence at high speeds; eg driving over corrugated roads and over potholes without much movement transfer through the car.

The Old Man Emu (OME) Nitrocharger and MT64 shock absorbers have been specifically tuned to operate in this way, to give you a comfortable ride at higher speeds and low speeds. Position-sensitive dampers are more commonly found in off-road racing vehicles, as the damper provides distinct levels of damping throughout the shock’s movement. This is broken down into three sections: ride-zone, top-out zone and bottom-out zone.

The ride-zone is where the piston within the shock normally sits. It is a plush softer zone that eats up corrugation and small bumps. The end zone is when the shock is being compressed to its shortest state, whereas the top-out zone is the shock extending out to the longest state (rebound). Position-sensitive shocks provide more damping in these zones to reduce body roll and prevent bottoming or topping out; they also give the shocks the flexibility to move more freely throughout the ride-zone providing a more comfortable ride.

OME BP-51. The BP-51 not only has position-sensitive damping and speed sensitive damping in one shock, but also the ability to adjust compression and rebound independently. This enables the user to finely tune their ride for multiple terrains and situations. For instance, going from black top to sand and driving to work to towing a camper trailer, BP-51 shock absorbers really are the ultimate damper in 4×4 ride control. It really is quite amazing that the OME engineers have managed to construct a damper that has this level of technology and fits into a coil over strut commonly found in modern 4WDs.

MT64 Shock Absorber

Big distances, heavy loads, extreme climates… a 4WD demands the most of any gear, quickly sorting out the pretenders. Most shocks aren’t up to the task.

OME shocks thrive in exactly these conditions all around the world. For a 4×4 owner, the dream is to have a set of shocks that will perform the same on the roads during the week, as it does on the tracks on the weekend.

ARB has developed the ultimate all-round shock absorber: the MT64 is a constructed blend of the Nitrocharger’s proven reliability and the durability of BP-51’s premium features, making it the perfect all-rounder.

Nitrocharger Shock Absorber

During the development of OME’S Nitrocharger shock absorbers, Ride Control Engineers tailored the shock absorber valving to work with the different springs in the range, often resulting in multiple shock absorber options for each vehicle.

OME Nitrocharger is a twin-tube design with the outer reserve tube providing protection to the internal components off-road. Nitrocharger represents an upgrade opportunity for any 4WDer seeking an increase in vehicle control and comfort, increased ride height and load-carrying capability.

The BP-51

This shock is a user adjustable internal bypass 4WD shock absorber that delivers increased comfort and control, both on and off road.

The body of a BP-51 shock absorber is manufactured using 6061 anodised aluminium to dissipate heat more efficiently than steel or alloy steel and provides superior corrosion resistance.


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