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Considered by four wheelers around the world to be a staple accessory for remote area travel, an ARB air compressor can provide an immediate source of compressed air anywhere a 12 volt power source is available. Constructed primarily of lightweight, high-strength, engineering-grade materials, ARB’s new 12V twin motor on-board and portable compressors are built with sealed components for moisture and dust resistance, and are equipped with professional in-line circuit protection. Suitable for inflating tyres and other equipment, the compressors are 100% duty cycle and come equipped with an over pressure safety valve and have a maximum current draw of just 56 amps. Delivering an impressive 132 litres per minute air flow at 200KPa, the twin air compressors have the highest air flow rate of any 12V compressor of its size on the market, making the ARB twin air compressor range the ideal choice for your next fishing adventure. A new 24V twin motor on-board compressor is also available for consumers requiring an alternative power source and incorporates all of the features of the 12V twin on-board model.


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