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Australian company Arkcorp claims its new ArkPak Battery Box is the world’s most advanced battery box system. The unit gives portable 12 and 240 volt power to run, charge and re-charge all your essential devices 24 hours a day, for up to seven days. It does this via a built-in 6 amp smart charger, built-in 150W inverter, Time Tracker LCD readout, Anderson Plug, USB Port and twin 12V accessory ports. What’s more, it can be re-charged via solar panels, 240V mains, via its Anderson Plug, or directly from your vehicle with the optional 12V DC-DC Car Charger Adaptor. This gives users a virtual, portable, dual battery system at a fraction of the cost of a built-in one. The ArkPak Battery Box is perfect for boating, fishing, camping, caravanning or offroad 4WD trips. RRP: $449.


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