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Atomic Guzzlerz Atomic Lures announces the release of a patented, exclusive new line of Bio Baits that was developed in the USA called Atomic Guzzlerz. Guzzlerz is a 100% biodegradable soft material called BioBait® that contains all natural ingredients with the look and feel of a conventional soft plastic lure. Guzzlerz continually release scent into the water at a much higher rate than traditional plastic. It is loaded with naturally derived fish attractants. There are no fish repelling chemicals within the bait, therefore fish bite it and do not release. It contains no petroleum products that can repel fish. Unlike other biodegradable baits on the market, Guzzlerz will not dry out when exposed to air. It can be fished and re-used again after sitting on the hook for extended periods of time. Guzzlerz does not require resealable bags and can be opened and closed repeatedly without adverse effects to the product. The product has undergone extensive testing with outstanding results. This unique formula is effective for all types of game fish including saltwater and freshwater species. It is being offered in the very popular 3” & 4” Prong shape along with the release of the long awaited 2” Prong. Also available is the 3 ¾” & 6” Jerk Minnow as well as a new shape called the 3” Flat Tail. It has a hidden scent pocket where you can add additional scents and works well on both freshwater species like bass and saltwater species like bream or flathead. It will be available in 7 new exciting colours in each style.

GAMAKATSU TREBLE 14 Anglers looking to upgrade hooks on their lures will be excited about the new Gamakatsu Treble 14 — a truly strong short shank treble with awesome hooking power and sticky sharp points. This will be very popular with fishos targeting barra, as it can take all the punishment that our premier northern sportfish dishes out It is available in sizes 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 at all good tackle stores.

THE DEADLY MEGABASS DOG-X JUNIOR The Dog-X Junior is a hot new surface lure, perfect for ‘walk the dog’ presentations around snags, across weedbeds and in the shallows. The Dog- X’s banana shape and Side-Stepping Moving Balancer gives it a head-up attitude, making it look for all the world like a wounded baitfish or disoriented land creature that has found itself in the water. The Dog-X Junior comes in six colours, is 71 millimetres in length and weighs 1/5th ounce.


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