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Atomic Lures

The New Deadly Prong

The Atomic Prong is a prawn with a difference. As well as a lifelike prawn body, the Prong has legs, a tail and feelers, all of which wave around in the current and really make it come alive. Available in 3" and 4" sizes and a range of colours, the prong can be used in a number of ways. Rigged from the front on a conventional jighead and crawled along the bottom, the Prong will be snapped up by any predators in the area. A twitching or hopping motion can also be incorporated into the retrieve for variety.

Unlike other prawns, the Prong can also be rigged from the rear. In this scenario, jigging it back more vigorously results in a spot-on imitation of a startled prawn trying to get away - no fish can resist having a go.

For finesse applications, rig the Prong unweighted on a suitable Gamakatsu Worm hook. Cast to a snag and allowed to waft down gently through the water column. The bits waving around provide all the action you need to attract the attention of resident fish. Another way to use the Prong is as part of a dropshot rig - you'll be surprised at the variety of species that will climb on if you drop one down over a reef.

Fish them anywhere around the country, for anything from bream in the south to barra in the north, and everything in between.

New Atomic Colours

The legendary Atomic Fat Grub just got even better, with a range of new colours hitting the market. These versatile all-round curltails work on a wide variety of species, and will often get a bite when other lures fail. Available in 2", 3" and 5" sizes, they cover the gamut of applications, from presenting a finesse bait for wary bream to aggressive jigging for big jewies.

The new colours incorporate two different sorts of reflective flakes - Disco and Hollow. The Hollow is a natural-looking reflective silver flake, while the Disco has larger flakes that reflect a range of colour wavelengths. Use the Disco in dirty water or where a bit more flash is required, and the Hollow for a more natural presentation.

As well as Grubs, the Atomic Shad and Jerk Minnow patterns have got the makeover treatment too.

The Atomic Jerk Minnow is a perfect wounded fish imitation. Fished lightly weighted and very slowly, it's deadly in the estuaries, and offshore it's caught everything from snapper to jewies when jigged or dropshotted in deeper water.

The Atomic Shad has a slim body and sensational action, something that has made it a firm favourite with anglers. All the old colours are still available, with the new colours rounding out the range. Now there's really no excuse not to match the hatch when selecting a lure.

Trade enquiries: Frogleys Offshore 02 6681 3988


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