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Avtex High Definition Digital TV™s

Avtex has been designing TV’s specifically for the marine, caravan and RV market for over 20 years. New on the market are two crisp, high-definition receiving models: the HD Digital TV and the HD Digital TV with Satellite Decoder. The Australian digital video broadcast (terrestrial) platform allows broadcasters to transmit programs in high definition. HD Digital TV programs are received by the built-in Avtex DVB-T2 tuner through a standard aerial, such as the 300mm high, digital TV 22db gain whip, without the need for extra equipment. Available in two widescreen sizes, 47cm and 54cm, combining a high definition television with built in DVD/CD player.  The second receiving option for digital video broadcast is through satellite. Some Avtex models are specifically equipped with a built in DVB-S2 tuner in addition to the DVB-T2, which enables them to receive programmes via a satellite antenna, such as the Mecatronic ASR800 flat auto skew. The Avtex range of digital TV’s with satellite decoder is available in three ultra-thin sizes of 47cm, 54cm and 60cm. Each unit combines a full   high definition widescreen television with built in DVD/CD player plus PVR via USB or HDD to allow live TV pause/playback and instant record.  Every Avtex TV has been designed for the marine and outdoor leisure industry from inception, offering 12/24 volt DC and 240 volt AC operation. Manufactured to provide years of trouble free operation and withstand constant movement, vibration, knocks, humidity and temperature changes often received by boats, caravans and RV’s.   Avtex TV’s feature a one button tuning system that will automatically tune, store and sort all available television and radio stations at the touch of single button so re-tuning of the TV unit to local station broadcast frequencies is a snap.


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