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Bassday Lures

An exciting new lure range now available in Australia is the Bassday range. These are premium hard-bodied lures, with an amazing quality of finish and a big reputation in their native Japan.

Despite the name, the models now available in Australia originally built their reputation on their ability to attract smashing strikes from big trout. The same characteristics that give them their trout-appeal also make them a deadly performer on our Aussie bream, with a tight action that attracts fish at a wide range of retrieve speeds.

Bassday lures are now available in a variety of minnow, popper and shad styles, both floating and suspending, in lengths ranging from 35 mm to 55 mm.

Fans of topwater fishing will love the Crystal Popper. It’s got a stunning translucent finish in a range of colours, and big realistic eyes to mimic a scared baitfish struggling to escape.

These lures are perfect for bream, and smaller freshwater natives like bass. They’re still deadly on trout too. Put some of these in your tackle box and give yourself a competitive edge.

Trade enquiries: Frogleys Offshore 02 6681 3988


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