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Kayak fishing has been one of the biggest growth areas in angling over the past few years. For kayak fishos, the benefits are clear: initial purchase cost, no fuel bills, stealth factor when fishing and personal fitness. An essential item for anyone who chases bream or bass from a kayak is a landing net. Bring a sizeable fish up next to the kayak and, if you don’t have a net aboard, things can get pretty nervy…and it’s all too easy to lose the big one. Berkley’s extended handle design is the perfect size for kayak fishing. The 36cm handle is fitted with a comfortable EVA grip along its entire length which basically renders it kayak stealth compatible; in other words, you can net fish quietly during a hot bite without a metal handle banging about and spooking fish. The red aluminium hoop is 30cm wide, so it’s just right for a myriad of species you’re likely to encounter. The black silicon mesh is easy to sweep through the water and also fish friendly, so netted fish won’t get scarred or lose natural slime as you bring them aboard. The bonus is that it won’t tangle trebles like a knotted net will. Another handy little feature is a lanyard clip at the end of the handle, so you can attach it to a cord so it won’t get lost if you drop it in the water.


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