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The 2011 Barra Classic saw several big barra hooked and tagged, but the best of them fell to Kord Luckus of Team Live Fibre.

The big barra measured 117cm and, as Kord put it, “It was built like no other wild barra I have ever seen”.

Team Live Fibre finished sixth in the tournament and Kord’s fish won the “Most Meritorious Capture” title. Kord used a soon-to-be released Venom 6kg baitcaster, but also had another secret weapon — Mustad’s 36329BLN Barra/Bluewater trebles.

Here is Kord’s summary of what happened:“The big barra was caught at the top of the tide at Alligator Head on a surface lure. The previous afternoon, we had had our lures destroyed by big fish. Even on light drags, these massive fish would smash the hooks and split rings to pieces with mouth pressure alone.“When they came through on the tide, the barra were all hyped up and in fact we were nearly spooled on a few occasions before the others could wind their lines in. My surface lures originally had 6X trebles on them but they were coming back bent. So on the Thursday night I changed to the 36329BLN #1 trebles as they seem to have better penetration and enough thickness in the wire to do the job. The first fish I caught the next morning was this beast.”

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